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AsiaRoom Is Inspired by Taiwan’s Very Affordability and Stunning Beauty

A Closer Look at What Taiwan Has to Offer

Being number two of the richest per capita nations in Asia, let’s take a ride to a magnificent temple, or visit some of its island resorts dotted about in the Pacific. You may be intrigued by a mountain trekking tour, gaze in awe at the tallest tower in Asia adorned with Chinese culture. One may be easily mesmerized, by the festivals, which are traditionally Chinese and Aboriginal.

Taiwan boasts eight national parks with mountains jutting upward into the clouds. Toroko Gorge where the aborigine’s tribes are, with canyons sporting marble interior. Visit the National Palace Museum which is the forbidden city.


The People of Taiwan

It is almost impossible to describe the friendliness and kindness of these people. You will find the Taiwanese unbelievably generous. I have had people even offer me a room in their home for the night. Have you ever heard of a taxi driver offering you a discount, well here you just might encounter that more than once? Most Taiwanese do not speak English however their kindness makes up for that, offering to help in so many ways.

It is not a risk or gamble visiting this country, it is an absolute pleasure. The fact that Taiwan has been overlooked by the West is your lucky break. Finding a room, hotel, or resort to stay, is easy and much cheaper than Japan or Korea.


Taiwan has so much to offer, and is super affordable. Taiwan hosts over 7 million tourists annually. AsiaRoom does recommend visiting Taiwan soon as the word spreads this destination will grow in tourist numbers and prices are surely to rise at that point.

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