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It is achievable to visit Tokyo cheaply, noted as one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit for a holiday traveler, in this article you will find a few useful -tips. So, go ahead and pack those bags, but do plan in advance.



Modern Tokyo


Tokyo is a modern city and no doubt where the pioneers of technology flock to. One thing to note is the Japanese people are very cautious and mindful to others. You will never experience pushing and shoving on public commutes so leave that part of Western Culture behind when you board the plane, bound for the magic of the Japanese people.




The Best Time to Go on the Cheap


The winter months and rain season, are the cheapest times to indulge in the audacity of Tokyo; do bear in mind Japan is frigidly cold during the winter months, and the rainy season may bring a wet cold, but for those who do not mind bearing the brunt of mother nature blow, book your hotel now as they are cheap in low season and many rooms are available at this time of year. Generally, you will find that hostel prices are far cheaper than regular lower priced hotels, and a great way to save money for the attractions. Most hostels are located outside of the city center, but what a great way to discover Japan. Do bear in mind you will have to pay extra costs on transportation the farther away you get, so you may want to calculate those factors in the price range that matches your budget.




Transportation Options in Tokyo


By bus, as in most countries travelling by bus is the cheapest, the same applies to Tokyo; however, there are little to no signs in English so, for those less than navigator folks, I suggest spending a tad more. The subway is great for the fact that it offers signage and announcements in English, so navigation on the subways are easier than by bus. Never ever use the taxi services in Tokyo unless you have loads of expendable cash. It is highly recommended to rent a bicycle, it is cheap and there are loads of bicycle rental shops dotted about the city.




Budget Minded Food Choices


A great tip is to eat where the younger generations eat, when in Rome as they say. Areas where workers populate at lunch is generally an indication of cheaper prices. Sushi-chains abound in Tokyo so take advantage of the fast food sushi conveyer type restaurants where the food revolves around the restaurant on a machine. The prices at the conveyer sushi shops range between $1 to $2 a plate. Noodle shops are every where and tend to also be affordably priced. As you could imagine a technology driven country will have vending machines selling everything from inexpensive beer to hot and cold meals, and the prices are fairly reasonable.




Things to Do Inexpensively


Almost all of the temples are no cost to enter, some of the oldest and most elaborate temples in Japan are located in Tokyo city. Tokyo, has some really well-done parks where you can spend time ogling the passers-by. Shopping at the Harajuku Station is a popular spot for the younger Tokyo, and the clothing prices are quite inexpensive too, this market is only open on Sunday though. Visit the worlds largest fish market Tsukiji Fish Market, have a taste of the worlds freshest sushi while there. You have to wake up like 5 in the morning to catch this unbelievable site. Visit Meiji Jinju Shrine it is free to enter. The nightlife in Tokyo really is expensive, especially if you drink alcohol, so beware a night out in a bar could set your budget back a huge amount if not make you broke. Visit the Imperial Palace, one cannot go into the interior of the palace but what a wonder to see, the imperial gardens are open to the public and also free. The Tokyo Sky tree where you can view the city on one the two observation decks, I do not think there is a better view of this city.






So, as you can see doing Tokyo on the downlow is entirely possible. This city has so much to offer, walking or bike riding, will give you a fabulous insight and the opportunity to discover fun spots in the city. Now time to book that plane ticket!



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