Akaya Bali, Indonesia
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Akaya Bali, Indonesia

Akaya Bali is located near the Sanor beach which is present in district Sanou, this outclass hotel is located about 300 meters away from the beach. One of the most famous beaches named Karang beach and Sagara beach. This hotel is not far away from the attractions and restaurants in Indonesia. Most of the visitors and guests love to select this place due to its unique features and facilities. The interior of the hotel is beautifully designed. The location of the hotel is in an attractive place.


The hotel is styled beautifully and it is a family-friendly hotel. The style of the hotel is colonial-Hamptons style. Most of the guests select this hotel for accommodation because it is present in the heart of Sanur. One can easily touch the beach by a 2-minute walk. The terrace area of the hotel gives a beautiful alluring look. The hotel is so beautifully designed that it is exactly according to the taste of every guest that visits this place. The rooms are spacious and large. In addition, the color scheme somehow provides a soothing effect to the guests staying there. The shopping malls and other restaurants are present near this place.


Akaya Bali is the perfect place to select for the purpose of accommodation. Almost all of the facilities are present to provide the guests with ease. Although the hotel is small the rooms are very spacious. It is an eco-friendly place one will feel comfortable there. The total number of rooms present here are 18 in number, out of which 17 rooms are so well designed that they have a beautiful view of the pool outside. The pool is present in the center of the hotel in the courtyard. Among these 18 rooms, a family room is also present. A minibar is also present in the hotel to refresh the guests staying there. Coffee and tea making facilities are also present for the guests. The other facilities present for the guests include hi-speed Wi-Fi, along with the 40” LCD TV, satellite TV, telephone, and electronic safe. All the rooms are air-conditioned. The services provided by the staff members are worth talking about. You will get immediate responses from the staff present there.


The hotel is exactly according to the taste of yours. You will never be disappointed by the services that are provided by the well-experienced staff. As it is close to all the restaurants, shopping malls, and the major attractions so the guests prefer this place. The view from the hotel is also beautiful, in actual words the view from the hotel is worth visiting. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea from this view. The bar is present to relax the minds of the guests; one can feel stress-free by this facility. You must try out this outclass hotel to make your vacations even more memorable. After all, Indonesia is the place of natural beauty and breathtaking sights and its hard to find places to stay during peak times. So, you can choose Akaya Bali for a memorable trip.



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