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Anh's House Room 1


Ho Chi Minh City is a renowned tourist attraction owing to it’s a vibrant culture, classical French architecture and beautiful skyscrapers. You should not forget the outstanding ornate temples and pagodas. The city is a treat for party buffs. It has amazing rooftop bars. The restaurants offer Chinese, French and Vietnamese Cuisines. 




Ho Chi Minh has been divided into many neighbourhoods that are commonly called districts. The city centre is situated in District 1. Here you can see many popular landmarks and remarkable things. This place has a perfect blend of restaurants, bars and amusements. 




The District 2 has top-notch apartments, villas and houses of the locals. The best part about visiting Ho Chi Minh is that despite being a very modern city, it still has preserved the historical significance. It has a good mixture of a modern and ancient culture of the Vietnamese. If you love shopping, trendy styles will win your heart. The restaurants offer a wide range of food. From expensive cuisines to budget-friendly food, you will find everything here. 




Ho Chi Minh City and Accommodation 




Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is said to be the prominent business hub of Vietnam. Finding the fantastic spots in this city can be a little challenging as every corner is way beyond comprehension. First-time visitors might get lost in the delicacies of their charm. A perfect map and plan will help you survive in this city.




If you want to have a fruitful experience, perfect accommodation is a must. With a little research you will get many spots but having too many options is also confusing at times.




To your best comfort, we have awesome accommodations for the visitors. The room is on the ground location with a view of the green corner. We have arranged a private bathroom attached to the room and a wooden floor to bring you warmth and a comfortable setting. 




Well-equipped Rooms




We have all the basic amenities set for you. You need not worry about it. A small kitchen will give you a timely vibe for sure. While your entire stay, we are at our tip-toes to help you with every query. 


Our basic amenities include air conditioner room, Shampoo, Heating, Kitchen, Wi-Fi, Hangers, Workspace, and Desk. If you have your Family and friends in Ho Chi Minh City, they are allowed to visit you. 




Nearby Spots




Ho Chi Minh is famous for its war museums (such as Chu Chi Tunnels), but it is home to plenty of historical sites. These sites will leave a lasting impression on people of all ages. The Notre Dame Cathedral and Saigon Central Post Office are best examples of French colonial architecture. They do not demand any entrance fee. In addition to this, Buddhist temples and some traditional markets are nearby.




Check-in and Check Out 




We offer Check-in at 8 am and check out at 2 PM. We cannot extend the Check out beyond 2 Pm. However, we have the facility to store your luggage even after check out.



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