Arut Riverside guesthouse, Pangkalan bun, Indonesia
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Arut Riverside guesthouse, Pangkalan bun, Indonesia


The Arut Riverside guesthouse is there to provide you with the best and the most comfortable stay. So if you are about to travel Pangkalan bun, choose this guesthouse to have the best experience.



Are you thinking of traveling to Indonesia this year? Choose Pangkalan bun as it is on the topmost list of the tourist attractions. Indonesia is the most popular place for tourist attractions due to the natural places present in it. There are so many beaches, islands and the parks present here. It is the best place to travel along with your better half due to many of the romantic places. However, what about accommodation? Have you thought about a hotel? If no, then choose Arut Riverside guesthouse as it is providing the customers with the most comfortable stay along with all of the amenities. The guesthouse has the best location, as it is present along the side of the river. The house follows the traditional designs, as it is a wooden house.


You can have all of the facilities that are present here to make your vacations worth remembering. It is a safe place to live, and you can come along with your family here. There is also a kitchen and a bathroom here with all of the amenities. You can have access to the internet while staying at this place, so you see it is offering a complete package to the guest. The most exciting thing about the place is that you can easily go to visit the shopping malls and restaurants. Do not forget to try the traditional eateries of Indonesia; you will love the taste of their food. Indonesia is famous for its local spices and uses of fresh fruits and vegetables. So, you cannot even expect a perfect tour without enjoying these eateries.


There are so many things that you can do while you stay at Pangkalan bun because it is offering much to the tourists. Do not forget to visit Istana Kuning, Pangeran Mangkubumi, and the Putting National park there. Despite this, the Kubu beach is the best thing about the place as it offers many activities to do. The brownish white sand, the calm river water, will make your trip the best one. Another beach of real worth is the Keluang beach; the greenery all around makes you feel cool and calm surrounding the beach. The cypress trees, the grass, and the clean environment are there to provide you with the best experience. You can also go for boating on this beautiful island and can have camping stays all night. The place is rich in natural parks and the beaches where you can play volleyball and go for a one-day trip.


Moreover, Indonesia is famous for its nature and greenery all around. Therefore, Pangkalan bun is a perfect place for you, and your choice of accommodation should be Arut riverside guesthouse.


So, what are you thinking of? The place is waiting for you, just go, and have a perfect trip out there. You will have the most memorable and incredible experience there. Staying at this hotel will increase the worth of your journey, and you will love the clean environment here. This destination will make you stay close to nature out of the daily hustle and bustle of life. So pack up your bags and enjoy the best travel experience.



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