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Bali Indonesia Diverse in Thousands of Ways

The people of Bali are kind hearted and generally go out of their way to make sure you enjoy this astonishingly beautiful tropical slice of the Indonesian Archipelagos islands. From scuba diving to casinos Bali has almost everything a heart could desires to be content. 



In the islands southern districts, you will find a mesmerizing metropolis’s, and if it is city life you crave you no doubt will find it in this city of about 4 million people. Even with the fact that Bali sees millions of tourists every year finding that perfect quiet cozy spot is still achievable and easily. A magical destination with something to offer to every person’s tastes. It is a good idea to travel to Bali in less peek seasons, unless it is the bustling tourist feel you love.



As in most South East Asian Nations it is considered polite to dress less Western style and be a bit more conservative, you will no doubt be respected more by the locals. It is perfectly fine to wear a bathing suit at the beach; however a strict no-no elsewhere. It is very inappropriate to dress down in eating establishments.


The Beaches

Surfers are particularly drawn to Bingin, and Kuta beaches. One can choose to tan on Nusa Duas beach and enjoy the pleasant personalities of the locals. Family friendly beaches are Pasir Putih, and Candidasa, with pristine white sands.


The Food

The Balinese food is outstandingly delicious, many restaurants serve buffet style so al you can eat can be found almost everywhere. If you love seafood then this Pacific island dream will certainly satisfy your crustacean desire



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