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Busan South Korea by AsiaRoom and Keys.me

The second largest city in South Korea, it is easily overlooked by tourists as Seoul seems to attract so much attention. This city is quickly rising to the top tier cities in Asia for tourism.


Busan Korean’s Top Holiday Destination


Busan located just a short 125 miles from the Japanese islands of Honshu and Kyushu. Once you visit Busan you may on your next trip skip Seoul altogether. With many beaches as well as the longest beach in Korea, this seaside city has a charm of its own. Busan has a more pleasant environment compared to Seoul and for many reasons.



Things to do in Busan


  • Beomeosa Temple: Dating back thirteen hundred years, is this stunningly beautiful temple. The ancient temple is unique in the fact that most Korean temples are in the mountains. This will preserved piece of Korean history makes for some very beautiful photographs.

  • Busan Aquarium: This is a fantastic day adventure, where you can experience scuba diving with sharks and different marine life. There are many cinema type rides and experiences onsite. A very modern and well-designed adventure park.

  • Guanggalli Beach: Not only does the beach have stunning scenery, but is also host to many concerts and festivals. A must see and do in Busan, the locals really flock here and for good reason. The turquoise blue sea, and glaring white sands serve as a main dish to the mountainous backdrop, as the sun begins to set a sigh of accomplishment will overwhelm your thoughts.

  • Gukje Market: This market is also adjacent to the Bupyeong, and Khangtong Markets, it is a good idea to set aside a full day to see the markets. There are many souvenir shops, as well as clothing, and handmade wares.

  • Haeundae Beach: Tanning on the sands, breathing salt air, as well as the many beach fun things to do, sets this spot apart from average beaches. This is considered the top beach in Busan. There is an interesting area to note as the Korean games played in the area are fascinating and fun to watch.

  • Haedond Yonggunsa Temple: One of the most popular Buddhist temples in Korea. To really experience the Korean culture this is a must stop on your itinerary. The view from this temple is stunning with its breath-taking ocean views.

  • Hur Shim Chung Spa: We all know the love of mineral and hot spas in Korea, and this is your chance to have that very experience. This the oldest dated spa in Korea and that adds to the nostalgia of the event.

  • Taejongdae Park: Another must do spot in Busan. This park is absolutely divine, with dazzling rock cliffs. There are tours onsite that offer a fantastic experience Korean style. Take the train around the park, yes it is that big, the ocean views and experience make this short trip outside of the cities hustle and bustle well worthwhile.



Busan So Many Things to Do and See


One way to spend the entire day is to visit the world’s biggest shopping mall. Finding things cheaper than you could imagine is completely real here. You may want to purchase another piece of luggage for trip home after being in this complex. Busan has so many things to offer the holiday traveler, from hiking, fishing, to visiting the fish market and sampling the freshest seafood possible. Visit the lighthouse at Korea’s busiest seaport, and take photos from the observation deck. The fun is endless and so could the list of things to do in Busan.



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