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Chennai Is the State Capital of Tamil Nadu India. Positioned off the coast of the Bay of Bengal. This university medical hub is home to the largest community of foreigners living in India with a population right at 150,000.


Chennai is one of the top cities to visit in the world and lots of reputable information on the web to back that up. Considered to be the safest place in India, and to have the top food in India. It is very easy to come to the conclusion of why this city has gained so much attention by the media.



The Culture


One will notice quite a contrast when comparing the rest of the Indian cultures to Chennai. Historically these people are known to accentuate the beauty of life through color, performance, art, dance, and statues. The ancient temples are colorful and plentiful, with a mix of modern and historical buildings Chennai can be quite charming, and a pleasant place to spend a holiday.



Noteworthy Historical Sites in Chennai India


  • Fort Saint George: This British Colonial building was built in sixteen-forty-four and sits on Marina Beach.

  • Saint Thomas Mount Church: Built in fifteen-twenty-three a testament to the catholic presence in India and is near the airport.

  • Santhome Basilica Church: Another catholic church in Chennai India is of Portuguese origin and is dated back to fifteen-twenty-three.

  • Higgin Botham’s Book Store: The oldest book store in India and still is housed in its original location.

  • The Madras Library: The original collection was brought in by the British in eighteen-fifty-one. This is said to be the oldest library in India

  • The Napier Bridge: Built in eighteen-sixty-nine, the bridge spans between Fort Saint George and Marina Beach.




Night Life and Accommodations in Chennai


The nightlife is quite good and the bars are inside most large hotels, however bars in India are constrained by the same draconian laws as in most of Asia and close at midnight.


Accommodations in Chennai range from high end luxury hotels to guesthouses and hostels. Back-packers and students have a huge footprint in Chennai mostly due to the universities located here.



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