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Chinas Top Beaches by AsiaRoom ad

China is such a vast country many people overlook the fact that this country has some very beautiful beaches. China has over 10,000 miles of coastline, and some of the most beautiful islands in the world.



AsiaRoom’s Top Beach and Island Destinations in China



It is no secret to the Chinese that these islands are top destinations. Tourists from around the world are just now beginning to discover the beauty of China’s Beaches and Islands. Not only are the beaches world class the Chinese government has spent billions on development.



Putuoshan Island:


  • With beautiful and romance filled beaches, as well as historic temples. Patuo Mountain is considered one of the most sacred of 4 in all of China. Located in the East China Sea the island is populated with over 30 historical temples of importance. Monks and Nuns from all over the world seek to study in this place of worship. There are two beaches that are considered must see spots; Hundred Step Beach, and Thousand Step Beach. There are many activities enjoyed on the beaches, such as bicycle rentals umbrella and chair rentals are quite popular also.



Islands of Hainan


Yalong Bay


  • It is best to stay at a hotel overnight on this beach as this will afford you private beach time. The public beaches of Yalong Bay are very over crowded. The turquoise blue waters, and white sands are the perfect stopover for any holiday to China. There are lots of International hotel chains to choose from on the island. There is a world class golf resort on this island too which is an indication of how much money has been spent here. There are hot springs, cultural villages, and loads of things to do. The restaurants and shops on the island are world class serving up Chinese as well as world class foods.


Wuzhizhou Island


  • This island is popular for diving and has professional dive centers. There is an ancient Qing dynasty building on the island that is well worth a visit. The fauna on the island is unique, as some of the oldest known plants to man still exist here. Visit the Sea Ranch while on the island, and learn how their research has established so many artificial reefs. Also popular with scuba divers as the waters are crystal clear. This area is quite popular with surfers also and sports some pretty impressive waves. The white glaring sand beaches are stunningly beautiful. Wuzhizhou island has many hotels to choose from.



Ancient Temples off the Coast of Fujian Province “Garden on the Sea”



Gulangyu Island:


  • This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are no motorized vehicles allowed on the island, nor bicycles. It only takes 5 minutes by ferry to reach the island from Xiamen. It is said that over 11 million visitors come to this sacred place annually. This island is also called Piano Island, as there are close to 600 pianos on the island. The island is a place of quiet and pleasure and is so designed. The beaches are white with gentle blue waves rolling in and for your pleasure.



Tianya Haijio Island:


  • This is an island for romance, as the scenery is breathtaking. Chinese tradition states that new couples who arrive to this island will be together forever. The name of the island means couple together forever. The rock formations on the island are mysterious and have many legends behind them.




Mysterious China



With so many years of secrecy behind, China has become a world class caterer to tourism. The beaches and islands of China are some of the most pristine in the world. There are not many places on earth where you can enjoy pristine beaches as well as such a history so ancient.


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