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Encourages a Holiday Sichuan and Modern Tourism Style Chongqing, China, has taken the lead in tourism globally and is now the world’s fastest growing tourism city. The Jialing River runs directly through Chongqing and empties into the infamous Yangtze River. Chongqing has the highest population, and is one of 4 direct controlled districts.



A Major Tourist Hub Is Born.


Chongqing located in South-western China, with governmental powers matching Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin. Chongqing boasts an ancient history, and a modern city mix of beauty and awe all rolled into one package.



Sichuan Food


For those who are familiar with Sichuan style Chinese food know all too well how delicate, delicious and spicy this cuisine is. Of the most popular amongst tourists is the Hot-pot, it is so popular there are strict guidelines on how it is prepared and served. There is even a festival for this amazing dish only in Chongqing.



The Yangtze River Cable-Way


This tourist attraction was actually first designed as another form of making your way across the river, but in recent years the city government has redesigned the system mainly as a tourist destination, When new bridges were built and the need to use this wonderful experience as transportation has subsided.



Old Factories Have a New Face


Eling was once a mint currency building, and is now a really cool place adorned with really neat restaurants, shops, bars, and café’s. The Maoer’ is an old factory area redeveloped into lots of really cool markets, and shops.



Foreigner Street


Designed to mimic architecture from around the world, Foreigner Street offers many different types of things to do with stores, bars, and restaurants. When you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the city life and missing home, this is the perfect refreshment stop. The restaurants have world class foods and is definitely going to set your palate back to home.



Little Three Gorges


This is said to be one of the major tourist attraction in Chongqing. With stunning mountain views, crystal clear streams, and lots of caves. Here you can experience the local culture. One of the main attractions here is the cultural hanging coffins.


Historical Attractions in Chingqing


  • Ancient Fengdu: The famous Hengha Temple is located in this district as well as other ancient sites such as Caishen Palace, and Tlanzi Palace. This is a very strange yet fascinating place to visit, as it is considered the place of rest for the dead.



  • Ancient Ciqikou: Dating back to thirteen-sixty-eight, the Ming Dynasty was known for its intricate porcelain. Experience the culture with its bamboo housing. A very cultural town that still displays vividly. The Qing Dynasty also prevailed in this town. Here the temples, and dragon dance, are just a few of the attractions. A must see place in Chongqing.

  • Dazu Rock Carvings: It is said that no less than fifty-thousand statues adorn this magnificent piece of history dating back to the year eight-ninety-two also during the Tang Dynasty dating back to six-eighteen. The very colorful statues and intricate designs have awarded this site as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Diayu Fortress. The Diayu fortress is a historical Chinese battle ground. It is said that the fortress experienced thirty-six years of war. The wars began in twelve-forty-two, and is where the Song Dynasty held off the great Mongol armies. The views here are mesmerizing, as well as taking in the awe of the relics.



Chongqing Has So Much to Offer


As you have likely summarized by now this incredible place has no choice but to rise to one the top destination for tourism in the world. Adding to so much rich history and modern infrastructure Six Flags Theme Parks have already began the design of Six Flags Chongqing and is said to be completed by 2020.



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