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Fiji Islands Surf Sand and Waves a South Pacific Paradise by Keys.Me and AsiaRoom

An island country, Fiji consists of more than one-hundred and ten islands being lived on, and more than 220 islands that are un-inhabited. Fiji is located in the South Pacific Ocean in Melanesia.


The main islands are Vanua, and Levu of which 90% of Fiji’s population lives on these two islands. The capital of Fiji is Suva, and is on Levu Island. Fiji is one of the highest developed countries in the Pacific. The number one source of income for Fiji is tourism. Now let that sink in for a moment.


The people of Fiji are known for being very friendly and welcoming. The ancient sites on Fiji are an added attraction to this tropical resort paradise. From bright white sand beaches, to crystal blue lagoons it is no wonder why Fiji is a major stop-over for cruise ships. As the famous mineral bath, and hot springs of Fiji bubble it is quite an easy holiday destination decision to make.



Take a Blue Lagoon Cruise


This option gives you the chance to experience more than one island. There are several different packages to choose from, this is a great option for honeymooners and families.



Cloud Break Surfers Paradise


There are certain areas in Fiji that surfers know well, as the waves roll in the amounts of water shoving to the beach is simply astonishing. Mamanuca Islands is the place to be for surfing. It is sid that sometimes the waves roar over 25 feet, just wow.



Visit the Tavoro Waterfalls


This spot is popular for those who like to move about. Walking and hiking is quite popular in this area. The water falls are located in Bouma National Park on Taveuni Island. Hiking to the ancient ruins close to Vidawa, Kayaking in this area is also very popular.



Dive with the Sharks


Beqa Lagoon, is a world famous spot for divers. There are professional dive companies that can cater to any skill level. Taking your first dive class can be done of course in an amateur setting.



Suva Pacific Harbor Adventure Seekers Hub


Pacific Harbor has high-end resorts and holiday homes. Things to do here include river rafting, four wheeler treks. There are restaurants, bars, markets, and artsy places to hang out. The range of accommodations vary from low priced budget hotels to the not so cheap high-end resorts.


The Sabeto hot springs is also one of the many main attractions of Fiji and a must do. Taking a mineral mud bath and soaking in the natural thermal heat is exhilarating. Visit the world’s fourth largest natural coral reef, the Great Astrolabe Reef. Visit the Sawailau Caves on the island of Yasawa for an amazing trek through caverns and caves. The famous movie blue lagoon was filmed on Yasawa island and a dream of a place to be.


Thurston Gardens Museum, many ancient exhibits as well as colonial showings. This is one of the Pacific’s best known museums and a must see while on Fiji. Visit the largest Temple on Fiji, Sri Siva Subramaniya Another must see while on Fiji is the capital of Ovalau, this was the first colonial capital of Fiji. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site and well worth a visit with camera in hand. Fiji is a world class holiday and has just too many things to mention in one article.



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