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Located in the state of Queensland, and just 41 miles south of the state capital Brisbane, and close in proximity to New South Wales. The Gold Coast is considered Australia’s number one destination for vacation travelers. The theme parks are top notch, with world class beaches, and a nightlife that is top rated globally.


The Gold Coast of Australia, famous for its pristine beaches, and amazing surf that pounds your feet with crystal blue salt water. The Gold Coast boasts theme parks with top-notch activities, from the docile to the extreme. This pristine Asian sand haven, sports modern and top of the line rides as well as themes that families of Australia flock to for holiday fun.


Five Fun Parks Recommended by Locals


  • Dream World Theme Park: Best suited for teens and above, with thrill rides named like; Buzz-Saw, Zombie, and Evilution, you should be getting the picture, that these rides are not for the squeamish. Of course, there are rides that cater to the not so adventurous, so expect a fun filled entire day here. To not leave out the little ones the Australian Wildlife zoo is a super attraction for young and old alike.

  • Movie World: With a gigantic selection for both adults and kids, this theme park is preferred for children. The little tykes most especially love the Warner Brothers, but do not shy away, as there are plenty of adult entertainment at this world class fun park.

  • Sea-World: Not only will you see shows with sea creatures, this theme park has rides too that are sure to red-face even the extreme thrill seeker. There is even Penguins, and a Polar Bear at Sea World, who could’ve imagined that?

  • Wet and Wild: This theme park as you likely have guessed already, is about the water, you will not get out with-out being drenched from head to toe. With attractions ranging from toddler to old-timer the thrill is on baby. There is a wave pool that is extreme and super fun. For the extravagant thrill seeker, check the Tornado, Kamikaze, or Constrictor, oh yeah, the thrill is definitely on.

  • White Water World: A fantastic family themed park with all sorts of thrill and chill options. This parks specialty is slides, whoosh, what a fun way to spend the day. Some of the slide names like: Wedgie is intense and way out fun. A cool thing here is you do not have to be a mountain climber to reach the top of each slide, there are lifts to rise you up to the level of detriment.


Night-life Brisbane Style


  • The Bowery: Located in Fortitude Valley, the place to soak in some live tunes and pat your foot a bit.

  • Cloud-Land: located in Fortitude valley this night spot is multi-level and as you can imagine the place to see it all and be ogled and the same time. This club is not for the quiet type for sure. The fun here doesn’t begin to stir until after 12:pm

  • The Zoo: Located in Fortitude valley, a really sweet spot to hear some of Australia’s incredible talent.

  • Canvas Cocktail and Wine Bar: A place where you can have a nice professionally made cocktail or glass of wine over fine conversation.

  • Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall: Lots of country music American style done in an Australian style.

  • Elsewhere Bar: An alternative style bar that opens late and carries on even later.

  • Super What-Not Bar: A place to catch up with mug of Home-brew, wine, and cocktails.

  • Heya Bar: Live music, pool tables, arcade games, and food is what’s happening.


As Daniel, Me Mate Says, there is no way to cover all, but this is his top picks. The cool thing about the bars is it seems they never close, and certainly leaves you using your loafers carefully. The highlighted locations are Surfers Paradise and the center of nightlife’s fun. Airlie Beach is also a top party goer’s destination. Last but not least Whit-Sunday-Islands is a party destination for the island folks.


There you have a local’s guide to The Gold Coast of Australia, that should have you snoozing quite well in your Hotel or Home Holiday Rental. Not an extensive list, but one that will surely give you the scoop on both day and night time activities, while indulging in loads of guilt ridden fun.



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