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Guangzhou China by AsiaRoom and

The facts about Guangzhou will no doubt spur your attention, and have you packing your luggage with visa stamp in hand. A very opportune time to have a glimpse back into time, as well as have a chance to see the modernization, and beauty of a clean newly designed city.



Where Is Guangzhou China?


Guangzhou, China, is a mere 70 miles north of Hong Kong, and approximately 90 miles north of Macau. Unlike its two sister cities, you will actually need a visa to main-land China, which is a bit more extensive in regulation for the Western traveler, but well worth the extra effort.


The city is located on the Pearl River, which was a main port for trade, and a vital maritime entry point on the Silk Road, and in fact ignited the diverse cultural explosion still seen today. The history of this amazing slice of paradise date back more than 2ooo years.



Where to Visit While There?


Unlike most major metropolises, a lot of the ancient history is still there you just have to know where to go, Guangzhou, still offering a glimpse back into time. Let’s not forget that modern day China has so much to offer on Guangzhou’s plate too.



Attractions and Historical Sites in Guangzhou


You will need much more time than you give Hong Kong or Macau, there is So Much More to See!


  • Banyan Tree Temple: A Buddhist Temple considered very popular among tourists.

  • Chen clan Academy: A stunningly beautiful site and a must see.

  • Catholic Cathedral: Beautiful colonial architecture is a must see.

  • Five Goats of Guangzhou: A huge and beautiful park to relax and get some photos.

  • Guangxiao Temple City: Another historical must see.

  • Lotus Hill: A very beautiful and easily accessed park (tip) you must visit the Wishing Tree.

  • Hualin Temple: A must see and very beautiful attraction.

  • Huanghua Gang Commemoration Park: A very beautiful and must-see piece of history.

  • Kaipin Dialou: Another must see in ancient Guangzhou.

  • Lingnan Impression Garden: A great park and a valuable lesson in Chinese history.

  • Pheasant Movement Institute: A really unique and awesome spot to visit.

  • Shamian Island: A nice place to chill and check out some colonial historical buildings.

  • Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral: A great piece of history while attending mass on Sunday.

  • Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall: Witness the changing of the guard. This is a 5-star attraction.

  • Souther Sea Temple: A must see and a glimpse into Chinese history.

  • Sanyuan Temple: A must see historical relevant attraction.

  • Western Han Nanyue Royal Tomb: A 5-star place with the museum housing archeological displays.

  • Zenhai Tower: A 5-star attraction and must see historical site.

  • Wu Xian Guan Temple: A very important slice of Taoist history an absolute must see.



Here is a short-list of other Guangzhou attractions.


  • Baiyun Mountains: Go for a hike and see temples scattered about.

  • Chimelong Safari and Park: One thing you will notice the animals are happy here.

  • Canton Tower: an iconic experience from the observation deck.

  • Chimelong Paradise Theme Park: A great price and amazing rides.




To see Guangzhou and really enjoy its flare for modern life visit Zhujiangs New Town, this area of the city is spotlessly clean with modern shopping malls and elaborate sky-scrapers. You have to see it to believe it.



So, there you have a run-down of Guangzou, I know we have covered more of the historical than we did the modern, but once you step foot in this city the magic and history drives you to learn more about Chinese history.



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