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Hong Kong by AsiaRoom and Key.sme

Let’s Explore Hong From island hopping, cliff diving, to exploring the many small niches in this world class city; knowing where to go while keeping your budget on the downlow is fairly simple. Hong Kong is not all hustle and bustle city life, believe it or not there are actual places here that one can find tranquility with nature, as well as finding those local markets that are odd and fascinating at the same time.


Kong on a Budget by KeyMe and AsiaRoom



Places to see on a budget!


Hong Kong is a world class city that has much to offer, having the know-how you can actually find some really fantastic places to enjoy your stay cheaply. Hong Kong will definitely liven your senses. AsiaRoom offers these tips as well as cheap accommodations on offer. Do bear in mind planning your trip on a budget is essential as this destination is can be very costly.


The views of Hong Kong are stunning most especially at night. Finding a local restaurant that offers local prices with a view can be achieved by scouting out that spot during the day. You can easily find views from extra high places that make a camera phone user seem like a professional photographer.



The A List of Places to See in Hong Kong


  • Roof-top Bars and Restaurants: make excellent views and a chance for some awesome photos.

  • Visit the Sai Kung natural pools: After the hike you reach the Sheung Luk Stream.

  • Hiking to Sai Kung Pools via East Country Park: Take a swim in this fresh-water wonder to cool.

  • Waterfalls: take in these natures wonders of multi-level water-falls.

  • Cliff Diving: not for the squeamish but there are smaller dives for the light-hearted.

  • International Financial Center: A place to take on a free breath-taking view as well as photos.

  • Mong Kok Market: a shopping extravaganza where you can explore the magic of the food.

  • Victoria Harbor: here you can talk in the salt air with picturesque views.

  • The Star Ferry: for about 6USD you can enjoy a boat-ride and see Hong Kong harbor while on your way to Cheung Chau Island.

  • Kowloon: many markets, malls, Kowloon Park, Lotus ponds, Chinese garden

  • Kowloon Cattle Depot: a 100-year-old weird attraction, turned into an art village.

  • Concerts at Kowloon: not always on but if you go at the right time they perform often.

  • Free Tai chi: most of the parks and recreational areas hold this local tradition in the mornings.

  • Island Hopping: the above-mentioned islands are just a few, but you will find many islands in Hong Kong to visit and quite nice too.



The key to living in-expensively in Hong Kong is to do as the locals do. The roadside restaurants and stalls offer delicious Chinese foods and delicacies. From oyster farms, islands, to waterfalls, and strolling the city streets at night, you will find being in Hong Kong can be done on a budget as well as getting a life-time memorable experience.


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