Hotel Gren Alia Jakarta, Jakarta
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Hotel Gren Alia Jakarta, Jakarta By AsiaRoom and

Being one of the best hotels in Jakarta, it is a nice option for you to spend quality time during your vacation. It is one of the friendliest hotels and there are different kinds of conference faculties available for the business owners. The hotel is highly secured and has free high-speed internet 24/7 for travelers. The hotel is well furnished, and the rooms are cozy and comfortable. The entire hotel rooms are air-conditioned. The hotel interior is very beautiful which fits the taste of every guest that visits there. It is elegantly designed and present in the most beautiful location in the city. Interconnected rooms are also available in the hotel if you are to stay in this hotel with your family. The rooms are private, highly secured & satellite TV is also available here. For customers, laundry service is also available so they don’t have to worry about anything.




Hotel Gren Alia Jakarta full of facilitating environments with great features. The hotel provides its guests with secure parking and ensures a safe environment to stay with your family. One of the most important fields is the conference facilities that are present in the hotel. Business and office owners can get the conference facility with a highly secured environment. Free breakfast is provided to the guest as a compliment for their stay. There are interconnected and private rooms for travelers. So, you don’t have to worry about anything as this place will take care of your every need. The private balcony is also available attached to your rooms. Minibar and restaurant are also available in the hotel so it can add the recreational setting to your environment. The coffee and tea maker are also included in your room features.




Various room types are available in the hotel. It could be city view Landmark, non-smoking rooms and suites. So, you can select the room by your choice and your taste. The free breakfast provided is a kind of buffet system. You can have whatever you want to be provided at the time. The hotel is composed of five smoke-free guestrooms for the guests who are health conscious and want to live in a healthy environment. For families, blackout drapes and curtains are available which provide them with a sense of security. Popular tourist attractions, shopping and dining areas are present near the hotel. Therefore, it would be easy for one to visit those places.




This hotel is included in one of the best hotels in Jakarta. The hotel is well known due to its provided services. Food is of high quality with seasonal ingredients. The hotels are full of convenient environment and comfortable rooms. The services provided are unique and in addition, this hotel is budget-friendly with many facilities. The city view from this hotel is very beautiful. Therefore, the private balcony view is great from this hotel. You can enjoy the services of Jakarta hotel with your friends, family or with your intimate partner. Do stay in this hotel to make your holidays worthwhile.




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