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This is a holiday that will take a few weeks to really see and do everything. This is where Lawrence of Arabia loved to be. From the amazing city of Amman to the Ancient Roman city of Petra. Jordan is surely the place to stimulate your happy nerves.


Jordan has remained neutral through all of the conflict in a lot of areas. Jordan is so relaxed and peaceful, you will be glad to have spent time there. The people are very welcoming and friendly.



Where to Go!


  • Amman is a happening city quite large with lots of happening going on. You will definitely wat at least 3 days in Amman if not more. Picture yourself in a bar sipping a cocktail with a shisha pipe. Amman is plastered with really cool and unique markets to get foods, and for sure souvenirs. While in Amman you will no doubt be mesmerized by the King Abdullah Mosque. Renting a car from the airport is a great idea, and the driving, signage, as well as driving on the proper side is the same as the US. Al Balad, a very ancient part of Amman, and is called the old city well worth paying a visit while in Amman.

  • Petra: there is no doubt that this city is going to stun you. Petra was only found to exist in 1812. This is one of the most stunning historical places in the world. There is no city on earth that screams ancient wealth as Petra. The Silk Road from China once passed through here. Petra is believed to date back some 2000 years ago.

  • The Dead Sea: It is a fact that you will definitely float while swimming in the Dead Sea. Staying close to the sea is a great idea for at the end of each days adventures a dip in the sea is refreshing as well as it is healthy.

  • Jerash: This city is so amazingly well intact, it is as if time forgot to wash it away. This city is dated back an amazing 6000 years. This Roman city is one of the most visited places in Jordan.

  • Mount Nebo: Moses was said to be in this very location before his death. Visiting the church and Mosque while here is a must do.

  • Wadi Rum: A stunningly beautiful desert, the natural arches, and paths that seem to be beaten down for many years, provide the opportunity to see the cliffs and nature’s way of providing in the desert. This is said to be the starting point of Lawrence of Arabia’s mission through the Arabian Desert. The highlight of this trip is swimming at Wadi Mujib. Dare to rappel down the waterfall, or slide through the natural slip and slides. Loads of fun to be had here, and especially after the desert heat.




Jordan will certainly leave you feeling blessed in many ways. From visiting ancient spiritual sites, to looking in awe at the ruins of the Roman Empire. The people of Jordan will leave a happy memory in your heart.


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