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Kunming China by AsiaRoom and Keys.me

Located in Southwest China Kunming is the capital of Yunnan Province. Kunming is dubbed the Spring City because of its moderate annual temperatures ranging from40 to the 90s’ Fahrenheit. The city dates back more than 2500 years, with archaeological digs dating right at 31,000 years.


Kunming has a very diverse culture that was spurred on by the Silk Road trade route. Kunming has enjoyed trade with India, Tibet, Sichuan, and Burma for centuries. Kunming is the number one tourist location in Southwest China, and boasts some of the most stunning nature scenes on earth.


Places to Visit While in Kunming


  • Lake Dian: The views of nature’s bounty at this lake is a picture right of a fairytale. The limestone mountains play as a back-drop to the many ancient temples dotted around the lake shores.

  • Jinbi Square: This is where the photographer can catch shots of the modern infrastructure China is so well known for today.

  • Nanping and Jingxing Market Areas: This is where you can walk and see the beautiful hand made flower designs so popular here. These two areas are great for walking around, you will gather the reasons why Kunming is labeled The Flower City.

  • The Stone Forests World Geo Park: A very popular area for tourists, see local hill-tribe villages, and the stone mountains jutting straight upward, this is one of the world wonders we all want to see.

  • Dong Chuan Red Land: As the title says the land is actually red, and one of the most desired places on earth to bring a camera.

  • Western Hills Forest Park: Stunning scenery, and hiking in the forests while soaking in lush green nature is possible year-round. This is said to be the number one spot in Kunming for beauty.

  • Yuan Tong Temple: Said to be the oldest temple in Kunming, the onsite 12 feet tall sculpture is a site to behold.

  • The Bronze Temple: With an amazing history dating back to the Ming Dynasty, and is in strikingly great condition.

  • Cuihu Park: A tranquil and beautiful place to visit while in Kunming, surrounded by bamboo jungles and lush greenery.

  • Festivals Other: The Kunming Flower Festival held each year in March is one for the photographer’s record books. Songkran Festival or as it is called here Water Festival, is held in April and coincides with Thailand’s infamous Songkran. If you have followed our previous articles about the Thai Kingdoms you will understand why the festival is here.




Moving about in Kunming is easy, and to navigate in and out of the city is a snap. The city is well accustomed to tourists and has made significant effort in accommodating them. South East Asian destinations are easily booked in and out of the city. As well as most destinations in China



Multicultural Food Choices


Being that the province is so diverse in culture prepare to give your taste buds a thrill. The restaurants and eateries range from food vendor style right up to the most expensive one could imagine. As for shopping the local markets are a great choice, and a must for souvenirs and handmade crafts.


Visa Information and Location


You are allowed three days in Kunming visa free, so if possible plan your layover correctly it would be a fantastic way to get over jet-lag before flying off to your next destination. If you plan on seeing more of China then Kunming should be on your places to see list, as transportation is definitely hi-tech here. Click here to Book Your Stay in Kunming at AsiaRoom. This travel blog is a courtesy to AsiaRoom customers.




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