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Maafushi: A Heaven for Adventure Freaks and Budget Travellers!

For a long time, Maldives was just seen as a remarkable honeymoon destination only convenient to somebody who can spend lavishly. However, this concept changed in 2009 when the residents thought of setting up a good travel industry there. Today, budget travellers can easily plan a trip to the Maldives and go to places like Maafushi. 




The most popular local island of Maldives, Maafushi, is the best budget island. It is just over 1 KM and 265 meters in width. It is heaven for adventure freaks! There are so many choices of dining and other recreational activities. 


Maafushi is full of life. Wherever you walk, you will see other tourists. With diligent planning, one can make the most of the beautiful Island. 


It is simple to orient yourself when on Maafushi Island. The North beach is generally for water sports and bikini beach acquires a slight portion of it. You can find several water sports centres and hotels along the beach. 




The vendors in the market sell many items such as handmade bags, woven bags, beautiful silk scarves, hats, lightweight shirts, baskets, handmade woven bags, kites, statues, and several other locally handcrafted products.


Thrilling Surfing and Snorkelling 


The surfer crowd comprises beginners and experienced riders who wish to surf all day long. It is a nice place to enjoy sports, with board rentals widely available.


Snorkelling trips are also organised every day to Palm reef, Nemo Reef, Shark points and Turtle reef.


Finger-licking Food


There are many restaurants to give you the perfect beach vibe. You can order a massive mixed grill which consists of Calamari, grilled fish, calamari, mussels and prawn. These are served with rice. You can also try fried chicken, pasta, grilled meats, grilled sausages, deep-fried fish nuggets, and cakes.


Perfect Accommodation


Situated in the heart of the World's Leading Tourism Destination - Maafushi, Aquzz Inn Maafushi is a one-stop destination for your stay in the Maldives. Maafushi is the most prominent inhabited island for local tourism in the Maldives.


Aquzz Inn Hotel is a promising quality Hotel with budgeted rates and services. The island is only 1270 x 265 meters in size. The best part is that the hotel is just 7 minutes on foot from Maafushi's harbour which is a very calm and peaceful space. It has a new shuttle facility; they can have a relaxed drive to the hotel from the harbour as well as to the beaches for free of cost.


Click on the link below to enjoy this inhabited island with all its amenities.



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