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Located in South Eastern China this resort city is one of the world’s riches places to visit. Macao’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism. With a very rich colonial history and one of the earliest European settlements this heavily populated destination has much to offer.


Macau not simply just another place to visit. A city rich in history both European and Chinese. A densely populated island but not without charm. This island in South Eastern China is one of the richest cities in the world. The worlds largest casino is here, there beaches, golf courses, temples and shrines, oh, and did I mention casinos.




  • Mun Pun To is connected to Chinas mainland, and located in Northern Macau, a very crowded destination, as this area has the vast majority of tourists.

  • Tam Chai is an island positioned south of Mun Pun, this island is connected to the mainland by bridges. The Macau International Airport is located here, this area is mostly populated by locals and is considered mainly residential.

  • Lou Tam Boasts the largest casino in the world, The Venetian, there are many new casinos in this region.

  • Lou Wan Is the southern-most island in Macau, Lou Wan is far less developed than that of the remaining areas. Lou Wan is very mountainous, there are two beaches and a golf course here. There is a resort on the island and several trails for hiking.



Visa Requirements


One could easily imagine being in Europe when strolling through the old city. Like its sister, Hong Kong Macau has its own government; therefore, you will need a separate visa that is much easier to achieve than mainland China. Please note that you may not use a visa from Macau to enter China as there are borders between them. From most nations you may obtain a visa on arrival to enter Macau.


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