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Mongolia, The Land of the Great Chinggis Khan

Mongolia, The Land of the Great Chinggis Khan

Ulaanbaatar is also the capital of Mongolia, hosting about 45% of the population, it is said that about thirty percent of the population, are still nomadic horse-riding people. Most people of Mongolia are Buddhist with Mongolian ethnicity. In 1296 the great Chinggis Khan began the Mongol Empire, the largest empire in land world history.

Mongolia Best Known as The Land of Blue Skies

The climate in Mongolia can go from extremely cold to very hot, being that it is far from the oceans of the world, rain does not come often, surrounded by spiking mountains and the arid Gobi Desert, which was an ancient see bottom once; crystal clear blue skies with stars that seem to wink as you star gaze at night. Karakorum is the oldest Buddhist temple in Mongolia and is near the ancient city.

The Climate and Seasons

  • The Winter Months: with very few rain clouds, and minute amounts of rain, leaves a crisp and very cold climate. January being the coldest month with temperatures as low as -70 degrees Fahrenheit. November-March visiting Mongolia in the winter will no doubt grant you VIP treatment. Enjoy the holiday New Years with a memorable bang. There is an ice festival in March that is not to be missed.
  • The Spring: The southern winds bring warm air clashing with the cold, this time of year, dusty wind storms are possible. The days of October seem to be the best times to see Mongolia.
  • The Summer Months: 70 to 80 percent of Mongolia’s rain happens in the summer with average temperatures being 40 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The greenest time of year with warm days and cold nights. This is the number one season for tourists.
All About It

This is a land that invites a horse-back or camel ride for hours, with inspiring mountain back-grounds, rivers, and lakes. Imagine riding up to a nomadic community of tents, what a thought. Explore Chinggis Khans memorial, witness herds of gazelles, historical cities of the Mongol empire. Go camping, rock climbing, or rafting. Stay with nomadic tribes and watch their peculiar but ancient ways of life. See writings from the 8th century from the ancient capital of Uighur. Mongolia is very high on the list for travelers seeking adventure.

It is best to book a tour guide, for Mongolia, as the land is vast and can be unforgiving, not to mention you must know where to go and guides are the best option. A short stay will not promise you the best Mongolian holiday as it does take a lot of time to venture out into the smaller towns. Enjoy the capitals many restaurants, bars, and nightlife. Witness some of the most friendly and hospitable people on earth, their generosity is un-matched. Visit museums housing ancient relics, and believe it or not dinosaurs from the Gobi Desert.

Where to Stay and Visa Information

Hotels and Rooms Mongolia has the same standards as most major modern cities, the prices range from $10 per night on up into the hundreds for extreme Russian style high class luxury. You will not need a visa to visit Mongolia, if your purpose is for tourism, you can obtain a visa on arrival, for stays longer than 30 days you must report to immigration 7 days before your current tourist visa departure date.



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