My Khe Beach
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My Khe Beach, Da Nang, Vietnam

Need a vacation on the beach? Of course, you would and that’s where Da Nang, Vietnam comes on the top of the list. The My Khe beach Aria hotel is the best to choose for affordable and amazing accommodations with modern facilities.

My Khe Beach Aria Grand Hotel Spa is a hotel with great amenities, free breakfast, and a bicycle to the residents who are choosing this place to live. This hotel which is present in Vietnam provides its customers with online reservations and provides them with ease by providing them with tour packages, massage and rooftop pool. This place is the best one to choose as it will surely make you feel at home. This hotel is very spacious and so many families can stay here enjoying a comfortable and relax time. Eight rooms are present in it, along with two king beds. The most important thing about this residence is the presence of a rooftop, outdoor swimming pool, and lunch and dinner service.  Other than this, a gym is also present to make the place stress free to live. A coffee shop is also present for coffee lovers. You will enjoy staying at this place, as many attractions are present near this place, so you will be at ease by visiting those places. The most popular and well-known place here is My Khe Beach, Hoi An, and My Son.

Da Nang is one of the largest cities in Vietnam and has a province-level municipality. Da Nang is composed of the best harbor, and one can easily expose it in winter monsoon. Da Nang has many popular attractions present which include The Marble Mountains, Lady Buddha, Ba Na Hills, Dragon Bridge, My Khe Beach, Golden Bridge, Sun World Danang Wonders, 3D Museum Art in Paradise Danang, and Non-Nuoc Beach. These are the places that are on the top of the priority list and the main attractions present there. Other than this for the hoy spring lovers, Hot Spring Park is also present in it. Therefore, you can have almost everything of your choice at this place.

Da Nang has many museums present in it, so the ones who love to explore architecture and want to know about the previous history can visit this place. Among the caves, the most popular one is the Hoa Nghiem Cave. The beaches are the perfect place to visit, as these works to fill the soul of the person. Beach is surrounded by crystal-clear water and white sand. You can find almost every activity here including skiing, diving and yachting. The most popular and worth watching spot here is My Khe Beach which is the most developed spot in America. Other than this, the Marble Mountains are the most attractive and common, there is the cluster of limestone, and hence one of the most famous natural places out there. Son Tra (Monkey) Mountain gives just breathtaking and spectacular views, it is present about 693 meters above the sea level.

Da Nang is the best place to stay in Vietnam as it is present near all of the major attractions. Therefore, you can have comfort levels and recreation at the same time. You can visit the hotel whenever you want to. You will find out all the amenities there! So, if you want a quality trip just choose out the accommodation according to the taste of yours. You will feel like home staying at this place.



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