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Nagoya Japan by AsiaRoom and Keys.me

Nagoya is the 4th most populous urban city in Japan, the metro area is home to over 2 million people. Nagoya is most famous for its Sumo tournament, this is a fifteen-day tournament that is not to be missed and is held in July.


Nagoya is on the Pacific Ocean coast, and is well known for the Japanese delicacies we have all come to love. This city is alive and very welcoming. There are many things to do for the traveler from budget exploration to high-end holidays. Nagoya packs a punch for tourism.


What Attractions to See


Higashiyama Park: This park features a thrill rides, a zoo, a scenic sky tower, monorail, as well as a great open nature area for picnics.


Inuyama Castle: Here you can visit shrines in the Meiji village, the castle is a short train ride from the city if your timing is right you can do this trip in ½ day. While here visit the Meijo Park, this park features the largest nature area in Nagoya.


Gifu Castle: With a fun cable car ride up the mountain side, there is a museum on location, do bring your camera as the view is quite impressive.


Nagoya Castle: is quite popular for its summer festival a traditional festival for families and something for the wow books on a vacation. Inside the castle there are exhibits of historical Nagoya. This castle is almost located in the city center. Built in 1612.


Tenno River Park: If you are fortunate enough to visit in the spring, the Cherry Blossom Trees area photographers dream come true.


Eihoji Zen Temple: As well as visiting the temple the walk on the river is a site for every camera and a time to reflect on our past.


Osu Summer Festival: This festival is near Osu Kannon Temple. The Brazilian parade is an un-expected site, the Cosplay Parade is just one of the many this festival charms the Japanese with participants from around the world showing off the Japanese Anime costumes.


Outdoor Adventure and Hiking: 1)For those who want less of a dirt trail, walk the old postal road Nakasendo Highway. 2) The scenery is astonishing. Take the Higashiyama Park ten thousand step course. 3) Korankei Gorge, a beautiful place to visit especially in the spring or fall. 4) Visit the Tadachi or Yoro




Nagoya is very famous for its Miso Soup, Shrimp Tempura, Kishimen a must try noodle soup, the Sushi and Sashimi’s are among the freshest in Japan. There are loads of budget places to eat in Nagoya, lots of Western restaurants for the not so adventurous eaters.





For the budget traveler there are lots of places around Nagoya Station to indulge in a beer, cocktail or wine including Sake rice wine, look for the Sakae Red Light District which is very popular with tourists. As in all of Japan wandering around at night is totally safe, the bars here generally close around 2:am.


The Run-Down on Nagoya and Where to Stay


To see historical sites, we recommend the Nagoya Castle are, especially if you are interested in photographing a few historical sites. East of the castle you will find historical residential as well as commercial historical buildings. The Nagoya Station is the modern area and the best location to find Hotels, Guesthouses and Hostels. There is a huge underground shopping connected to the Land mark shopping areas in the district.



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