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Aka-Jima Island is one of the most pristine, and cleanest beaches you are likely to ever encounter. This island will wow you and is a must visit spot near Okinawa.


Okinawa’s Secret Place


This island is off the coast of Okinawa. Located in the Kerama islands, the island connects to Geruma-Jima island by bridge. This island is quite popular for people from Okinawa, and the mainland. Arriving to Akajima Island, one would want to take the High-Speed Ferry from Naha City in Okinawa. The ferry ride is about an hour, but does stop at Zumami Island on the way.


Getting Around on The Island


Getting around on the island is the fun part, rent a bicycle, a kayak or walk. This beach you will no doubt appreciate the locals, and the Japanese people. The island does not see many foreign tourists which makes for an amazing holiday stop.


Best Times to Visit


Aka-Jima Beach, is best visited during the summer months. From October through April, when the temperatures are nice and hot. The surf this time of year is incredible and you are likely to experience a few pros on the boards. This time of year, tropical storms are active, but that is normal for beach havens, right?


Snorkeling and diving the Coral Reefs


Snorkeling and diving is of the best in Asia on Aka-Jima island. The fish and coral compared only to the Great Barrier Reef. The wildlife, deer, turtles, whales, and dolphins as well as many more species are to be found. There is a marine lab on the island which is open to the public and an interesting quick out of the sun moment.


Accommodations and Food


Accommodations on the island are small, Booking a Guesthouse is a great way to explore the beach. The people of the small villages are super friendly and a superb way to learn about the island culture. Restaurants are available on the island in very basic form. Do expect some super delicious sea-food dishes. If you are staying in one of the guesthouses the proprietors will invite you for dinner. As for drinks and as inallf Japan vending machines and drinks are everywhere. In case you did not know beer sold in vending machines in Japan is normal.



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