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Osaka, Japan by AsiaRoom and

This capital city in Japan, is home to over 19 million people, whom are very proud of their ancient history and preserve it well. Osaka welcomes over 8 million tourists per year.



Spiritual things happen in Osaka, where the modern tech world hovers over an ancient history many have read about, or have likely watched fascinating movies regarding its history. If you are only interested in Osaka you are bound to not be disappointed; however, looking deeper in the history is a fulfilling experience.



What to See Inside Osaka City


  • Shitennoji Temple: This is Japans oldest Buddhist Temple, a very busy and a must Osaka experience.

  • World famous Kabuki Theaters: These are major landmark attractions in Osaka

  • Osaka Castle: Built in the 16th century of granite and stone, an eight story wonder to behold, with an observation area displaying some of the most fascinating views of the city.

  • The floating Garden Observatory: At first glance it appears to be floating in the air between the twin towers. Taking the incredibly fast glass elevators to the top is an experience in itself.

  • Tsutenkaka Tower: Built in 1912 and jutting upwards over 300 feet in the air, offers a incredible view of Osaka, situated in the city center the observation deck offers views that a remarkable.

  • The World Trade Center Cosmo tower: Want to view Osaka from an even higher altitude? We are talking over eight hundred feet into the clouds. Considered the best view in Osaka, take a lunch break during your observation deck, an extra memorable experience.




Travel Back in Time in the Kansai Region



While not actually inside the city of Osaka it is a must see while here. This location dating back to ancient Japan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site named Kumano Kodo.



  • Kumano Kodo: From Wakayama Prefecture, through Mie, Nara, and Osaka Prefectures, a spiritual journey only travelled by the nobles in ancient times.

  • Mount Shigi: Close to Osaka and Nara Prefectures boundary lines, here you will find an ancient temple with a very spiritual meaning to the Japanese people.

  • Himeji Castle: Located in Hyogo Prefecture is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Would you indulge in wearing a full suit of armor? This is possible here. Every Sunday you can experience a full re-enactment. Walking around the castle in helmet and armor is an incredible experience, wear traditional Geisha clothing, or Samurai.

  • Wear a Kimono in Kyoto: One may also join a traditional sword dance called Kenbu.


There you have a true Japanese view of where and what to do while in Osaka. If staying in the city to indulge in the fabulous nightlife, by all means do so, but do take this advice and not miss these significant pieces of Japanese history.


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