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Samoa the Untold Beauty

Now is the best time to visit the Samoan Islands, as tourism is becoming a huge factor in its GDP. As of 2009 the islands only had 90,000 tourists per year, and those numbers are expected to grow. With its native culture and new-found ties with Australia and New Zealand the opportunity for a fantastic pristine holiday is still available.


The Samoan culture originated from SE Asia, and still has a SE Asian cultural feel. The oldest dated Samoan remains dates back over 3,000 years ago. The weather is tropical in Samoa and enjoys a yearly average temperature of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The Samoan Islands are mid-way between Hawaii and New Zealand.


The two main islands are the result of volcanic eruptions of which the last occurred in 1911. The evidence of the eruptions left giant swaths of lava fields that are a site to behold. The vast majority of the two main islands are farmland, and after many centuries seems to have blended with the tropical rain forests perfectly.


The capital of Samoa is called Apia, the main airport and the capital are on one of the main islands called Upolu. The other main island is named Savaii. Close to 3/4s of the Samoan population live in Upolu.


Where to Go While in Samoa


  • Vavau Beach: This is a protected area, and is home to some of the most beautiful marine life and coral. The beach is an excellent spot to just chill out, or do some once in a lifetime snorkeling on the protected reefs.

  • Sua Ocean Trench: This is the most beautiful place for a swim in Samoa. The volcanic nature made swimming pool is absolutely breath-taking.

  • Lalomanu Beach: The beautifully clear waters and white sand beaches is nothing but and Instagram moment.

  • Fulipisia Water Falls: The water falls are just under 200 feet. This is a spectacular site, especially while floating in the pools and looking up.

  • Togitogiga Water Falls: One of the most exhilarating swimming experiences on earth.

  • Afu Aau Waterfalls: Is diving from cliffs one of your lifetime dreams, this is the spot.

  • Mu Pagoa Waterfalls: These falls roll out into the sea as if it was magically designed.

  • Lake Lanotoo National Park: The Lake is inside a volcanic bowl, the lake is full of gold-fish which makes it even more unique.

  • Falealupo Rain-Forest Preserve: Here you can walk in the trees on a hanging bridge. The views here will capture you for hours.



The fresh markets in Samoa are an everyday part of life for the locals. Heading out to the market for fresh produce is a super cool experience and a great way to meet the locals. All produce is locally grown and super delicious. For souvenirs go to the Apia flea-market where you will find handmade items made by locals.


Getting around Samoa is best by rental car, however the public transportation is a really wild experience friendly, and very unique. Fishing, boat charters, island hopping and scuba diving are just a few of the extras Samoa has to offer.



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