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The islands of Saudi Arabia are untouched with ancient land-marks and the Saudi government has a spectacular plan for these unknown and very much un-heard of island and beach destinations.



These untouched coral reefs and sparkling blue seas are about to be transformed in a way no one could possibly imagine. There are right at fifty islands either currently in development or already in the blueprint phase, and will be a top world class resort destination. The millions of dollars for this development has already been dispersed and likely the development will be rapid.



Tourist Visas


A visa to Saudi Arabia at this point is difficult and limited however some countries do have that privilege, citizens of all countries require a visa before arrival. Once the Red Sea project is completed there will be visa on arrival. Countries like the US, Canada and Europe will be granted visa on arrival in the near future cultural ways will also be separated in the resort beach destinations; whereas mixed female and male bathing will be separated in the resort destinations, and the older laws will still remain in destinations not designated for tourism.



The Cradle of Islam


Having the two holiest sites in the world Mecca, and Madinah these sites are open to religious tourism only and sees about 20 million visitors annually, and is mostly pertaining to the Haj Pilgrimage.



Saudi Arabia is Preparing Rapidly


An amazing 170 projects are already in development stages including new hotels and resorts. These holy places are for worship and not for tourism so do not expect to be able to walk around snapping shots.



The New airport in Jeddah and Transportation


This top class airport is expected to open by next year, as well as high speed trains and modern tourist transportation.



If visiting centuries old Ottoman Castles is not enough back dropped by sandstone cliffs then certainly Saudi Arabia’s more than 1000 islands painted with pristine blue lagoons will get your attention.




The World’s Most Spectacular Desert Oasis Al Ula


This 2000 year old town and its 6th century molded into this Saudi Desert will do nothing but mesmerize you. The 94 tombs of Mada’In Saleh and 1000 more graves decorated by stone master-pieces. To top this spectacular visit is the 5 star desert camps with air-conditioned tents and services are out of this world.



As Dubai has capitalized on high-end tourism you can well bet that Saudi Arabia intends to outdo its neighbor. As the world becomes less and less dependent on fossil oil you can be guaranteed this will be the number one high end tourist destination of the world.


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