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Seoul South Korea by and AsiaRoom

Travelling to Seoul is a magical experience, and inexpensive during the winter months. A luxurious hotel will run you about 40 to 50 US dollars, to go even cheaper means living without the extra luxuries; however, it will cut your room expenses in half, by staying at a guesthouse or hostel. Seoul is a walking city and stunning in beauty especially in wintry months. Do bring a coat its fairly cool especially at night.



Places to See in Seoul



Banpo Bridge


The Korean people know how to create magical blends of nature and modern technology. The bridge is adorned with a rainbow water fountain that stretches across the entire span of the bridge. The water shoots out from the bridge with several hundred lights bringing the fountain to life creating a rainbow effect. A dazzling view from some the nearby restaurants at night.



Chuncheon Namiseom Island


It will take a few hours to see everything on the island so preparing for a full day out is a great idea. A very green space where the South Koreans have co-existed with nature and it shows. Be prepared to take some astonishing photos while here. The island sports 2 magnificent walking paths where nature and humans blend together seamlessly the locals create art and useful items by recycling.



Gyeongbokgung Palace


Gyeongbokgung Palace, was the residence of the Joseon Dynasty, There are many of the original buildings still standing and a mesmerizing glimpse into history. You can still stand outside and see the Royal Changing of The Guard Ceremony. You must reserve your tour here in advance.



Nam San Mountain North Seoul Tower


Namsan Mountain is located in the center of the city. The view of the city is one of the most spectacular views in the world. The tower has an observation deck. There are restaurants and bars for your convenience and pleasure many of them positioned outside to capture the city view.



Insa Dong


Insa dong is where you can really taste and feel Korean culture. The leading road has many handmade arts and crafts wielding South Koreas culture in one blow, all along the main drag are side streets, you will find restaurants serving traditional foods as well as shops selling local wares. The biggest attraction in Insa Dong is Samzigil, also do make it a point to visit the museum.




Lotte World Amusement Park


You should put an entire day aside to visit this world class park the park is inside the city and easily accessed.



Myeong Dong


A street attraction with foods and vendors, as well as loads of things to see. A very popular area for tourists as well as Korean youth.



Namdaemun Market


No doubt the largest market in Seoul as well as it being 6 centuries old. This market has everything and that is not an exaggeration. There are plenty of restaurants here so plan for this day at the market to consume at least half if not the entire day; it really is this big!


South Korean people are extremely kind, as you will witness while there. A slow-paced environment as well as fairly high in population brings a magical mix to this culture rich country. Incheon Airport is a world class airport and easily accessible from most countries.



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