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Shenzhen an economic power house for 6 years in a row it has made the top ten list. Development in Shenzhen has been astronomical in the last few years and in a super positive way. Shenzhen dates back 6700 years ago, a destination for the bucket list.



Shenzhen is colorful and very creative and the new generation is the catalyst to great things in this amazing city. Shenzhen is a super hub of technology and that is the major youth attraction here. Shenzhen is also an international city which makes for a fantastic mix of people from around the world.


Shenzhen also sports some really awesome sightseeing in the nature department. The transportation in Shenzhen is high tech modern and very convenient. The bus systems are incredibly engineered, (Letters in the bus numbers have some very useful information in them, N, is for the night buses, J for journey, H for Holiday. The subway is also strategically routed to hit all of the tourist attractions and a fantastic was to travel Shenzhen, you can even visit Hong Kong on the subway.



Attractions in Shenzhen


The Museum of Chinese Folk Culture Village This is a miniature version of China explores different cultures, nationalities, performances, festivals, and to boot a theme park. This is the biggest scale of a country ever designed. Here is your chance to explore all of China in one place, it will have you planning your trip back to China guaranteed.


OCT Bay Water Show Theater Situated in a mangrove forest this is a fantastic light show and water curtain enticed by music. A must see in Shenzhen.


Coco Park Shopping Mall A one of a kind place to visit and shop all in one go. This is where you will want to go for the nightlife. This mall is six floors of human happiness.


Dong Men Walking Street One of Shenzhen’s traditions see a tradition that is found in all of Asia, with shopping stalls, food carts and shops hawking their wares. This place is open from morning to midnight every day. Anything and everything can be found at this market.


Mixc Has it ever crossed your mind to go ice skating and shopping at the same time? At Shenzhen Mixc you can. This mall also hosts 6 floors of shopping, food, and fun. There are many things to see and photograph here temples, the view, the gates and the walls are a magnificent spectacle.



Historical Sites in Shenzhen


Dapeng Fortress Located in Pengcheng Village looking out onto Daya Bay this attraction was built in 1334 was a protection for the city against attacks from the sea. There are ancient walls, alleys paved with stone slates, temples and shrines, and mansions for admirals of the Qing Dynasty.


Hakka Folk Museum This site is almost 30 kilometers outside the city of Shenzhen but well worth visiting.This Residential home features 179 rooms and was built in 1817.



Nantou Ancient City If you are interested in the history of Shenzhen this is the village to visit as it was the beginning of the city. The city was built in 1394 there are lots of well-preserved sites to get some amazing Instagram shots. The museum hosts a plethora of ancient artifacts. There are also ancient building to see while here.


Chiwan Tianhou Temple This ancient temple was built during the Song Dynasty right at 800 years ago.


Chiwan Ancient Fortress This fort was built during the Ching Dynasty.


Chiwan Beacon Tower The tower overlooks Chiwan Village and built during the Ming Dynasty


Shaodi Emperors Mausoleum Slightly west of Chiwan Village. This was the last emperor of the Song Dynasty and he died in 1279 at a very young age.


Wenwudi Temple a very ancient and well preserved temple that is definitely worth a visit.



In a nutshell you can get your modern tech holiday mixed with an ancient history lesson in Chinese all in one holiday in Shenzhen. One can definitely pack a wallop of a holiday with Hong Kong and Macau within a short distance.


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