Sky High at Blue Ridge 22 floor, Hinjewadi, India
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Sky High at Blue Ridge 22 floor, Hinjewadi, India

Enjoy the serene view from the top of the 22-sky high at Blue Ridge where all your needs are taken care of. Comfortable and luxury accommodations await here for you.

India is one of the top places from around the world which is known for its tourism. In India, there are so many cities with so many destinations popular all around the globe. So, after reading so many recommendations, you have decided to go there. And, you might have heard how Hinjewadi is a perfect place to be. You might need the perfect accommodation and that is where 22 sky-high at Blue Ridge comes in to save your vacation. After all, many tourists experience gets worse because of the accommodations. Hinjewadi is a beautiful and small town in Pune city where you must go if you are looking for a less crowded and hassle-free vacation. It is perfect for families and couples on honeymoon to spend some quality time.

The floor has a beautiful and serene view that you cannot miss. It’s like to stay in your dream accommodation at affordable prices. The value you are going to get from this price is so much worth it. The location is right in front of the Blue Ridge SEZ and if you look down you will the Golf club from any room you get. You will feel that you are in the clouds and if you ever stay here during rain then this is a lifetime opportunity to see a splendid view. The best part is that here you will not find any loud voices of events as there are no parties allowed here. The rooms are also given to families and couples. All the bedrooms come with a private bathroom, full kitchen and all the necessities that you can need during your stay here. If you have any request, the staff here is so humble and they will attend to it quickly.

Upon your arrival, you can start from the Chatushrungi temple which is a very holy place here. This is a heritage and the city's top cultural site. If you want to know more about the culture and traditions of the people here then this place is the perfect start. There is also a Pune heritage walk which you should go for. After all, there is no harm in knowing a little about the history of this place. Love nature and want to connect with it? Then Pashan lake is the most beautiful lake here and you should go here for a boat ride and even a picnic with your loved ones. Osho garden and Pataleshwar cave temple are also the top destinations here and should be in your bucket list for some fun and adventure.

All these places are easy to reach from the accommodation. So, choosing 22 sky-high at Blue Ridge would be a great decision. After all, we would all love class, luxury, and comfort at affordable prices. After all, you will get one hell of a view that you cannot expect in so many hotels with overrated prices. So, pre-book with them for having a class-apart experience during your trip.



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