Soho central 1BR, Mandaluyong, Philippines
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Soho central 1BR, Mandaluyong, Philippines

Enjoy a comfortable and elegant setting accommodation at Soho central 1BR in the heart of Mandaluyong. This is where you will find the perfect quality time to spend with your loved ones.

The Philippines is one of the best places to travel and you indeed will find some of the best and modern facilities here. The hotels and resorts here are quite famous. Because when it comes to luxury and style, these people know how to attract travelers. Speaking of travel and luxury, do you think you can find top-class accommodations in Mandaluyong? Of course, with the Soho central 1 BR is a perfect place to book for your stay. This place reflects its true value because of its highly beautiful and furnished rooms. For travelers, this is the best place to stay as here you will find all the imagining facilities you can. Made for urban style living, it will kind of take your breath away when you see it. It is set on an amazing location just below the Soho central condo.

The place has all kinds of security for its customers and parking facility as well. If you are traveling from another city or country on an airplane then you can inform the staff before time. This full house is perfect for small and large families. After all, many of the families do like their privacy, some of the ladies like to cook. If you want to drink something or eat something, you don’t even need to call service. You have the full house to enjoy everything you can. Perfect place for independent families who does not prefer to stay in crowded hotels and resorts. The staff is also very humble and friendly and will take care of your all needs and requirements. There is one bed in the room suitable for 2 people with an attached bathroom as well.

So, when it comes to travel let's check out the places you can go to during your travel here. SM megamall is perfect to begin if you cannot control your love for shopping. After all, you are never too small or old to shop for the things you like. The spas here are quite famous and even the techniques here are worth trying. It's for both male and female and quite a new experience if you are tired of your hectic life. It will cleanse your aura and will make you feel lively again. Pinto art museum, Masungi Georeserve, Art underground and Greenfield weekend market is also some of the places in Mandaluyong which you should go for.

Families here on a trip might be looking for something fun for their kids as well. Then the Arrowland by Gandiva, SM staking rink, Trampoline park, and toy kingdom are the places where you should take your kids. After all, it’s their vacation too. Moreover, there are museums, lakes, and parks where you can go and take a walk or have a picnic beside a lake. You must try the different cuisines local people provide here. The food and drinks here are quite delicious and travel is all about to have some new experiences. So, do try them and when it comes to accommodation then choose Soho central for a comfortable and independent stay.



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