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Tahiti and French Polynesia

Tahiti is the largest of the French Polynesian Islands. The Polynesian Islands are part of the Society Islands Archipelago. The islands are high above sea level and very mountainous.



Surrounded by Gorgeous Coral Reefs



Some of the most beautiful marine life inhabit the coral reefs around French Polynesia. The group of islands is a part of France but far from Europe, and located in the Southern Pacific Ocean. The capital of Tahiti is Papeete, and is where the only International Airport is located. The vast majority of the people are Polynesian, with about 30% being European, and Chinese.



Wanting To Be Away From the Norm?



Tahiti is a colony of France and everyone is considered French citizens. The language of the islands is French, but the Tahitian language is still often spoken. The flight from Auckland New Zealand is just under 5 hours, and once you land bliss begins.



Things to Do in Tahiti


  • Papeete Market: Filled with local foods, produce, local handcrafts, and souveniers.

  • The Tahiti Museum: A really cool exhibit here displays the evolution of the Tahitian people.

  • Yacht Charters: There are a few one day charters that take you around the small un-inhabited islands. Your food, swimming, snorkeling, is all inclusive.

  • James Norman Hall House: A colonial era building built by a famous American writer, the gardens are especially beautiful and well-manicured

  • La Plage Vaiava Beach and Lagoon: A very popular picnic area with stunning vies, swimming, snorkeling and just pure beach paradise.

  • The Notre Dame Cathedral: A colonial era cathedral that will allow you some really nice photos to take home with gothic style architecture.

  • The Presidential Palace: A very beautiful garden, with a tropical ambience makes the palace seem surreal.

  • Paofai Park: A well done park with walking and running tracks. There is also a children’s play area. The park is located in town on the waterfront.



A Destination of a Lifetime


There are many grocers and markets on the island, let’s not forget this is a part of France, and grabbing some super nice French wine is a snap in Tahiti. Picture some good French cheese and nice bottle of wine in your picnic basket.


Renting a car on the island is easy, and well worth driving to the remote areas and digging into the culture a bit. Restaurants serve a variety of western foods, for those who want a taste of back home. The island is infamous for food trucks and is a must try for sampling local delicacies.



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