Tang house, Khet Ratchathewi, Thailand
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Tang house, Khet Ratchathewi, Thailand

Located in the heart of Makkasan, Tang house is 16 km away from Nonthaburi. This place has a free WIFI service, private parking, and restaurant to provide you the exotic cuisine of Thailand. Here the nearest airport is 22km away and that one is Don Mueang international airport. The place is quiet and unique other than different rest houses. There is a small, deluxe and king-size room available that you can choose according to your needs. All the basic and important services are present here to provide you comfort and a modern style of living. All of this is available in affordable deals and packages that you can select online.

Here you are on a lesser distance from the major tourist sports of Makkasan, Khet Ratchathewi. Obviously, many of the tourists when plans a trip the main reason behind it is to get relaxed or be closer to nature or have a new adventure. This place is really the best thing that could ever happened to anyone. No loud city noise and traffic and you are closer to nature. Drink some coffee and tea while you are standing on the window seeing outside the beauty of this area. The place is breathtaking and has some beautiful spots around that will delight your mood.

In Thailand, there are so many things that you need to try. But what about the food? We all are food lovers and we cannot even expect a trip without trying some delicious cuisines. Even if a restaurant is available still, we would love to go out and try the local food. So, here you will get so many restaurants and bars near to the accommodation where you can quench your thirst and give a party to your taste buds. The exotic spices and the fresh ingredients are going to cheer you up now.

Moreover, you can spend great time looking at the famous art pieces at Bangkok art and culture center. Looking for something thrilling and more of an adventure, then you need to go to the snake farm. From deadly cobras to pipers, there is every species here and you can also see how the people here extract venom from them. The Lumphini Park is also a beautiful place to be and have a picnic day. The greenery around can help you relax or maybe you can read a book in silence.

Suan Pakkard palace museum is also very famous here. The home of the prince and princess of Chumbhotpong Paripatra who made this place into a museum. Jim Thompson House is also a great tourist spot here. This is also like a museum and has a timing when people can come and visit this place. There is so much history in these museums that will keep you engaged to know further.

And, you can always have a comfortable breakfast and dinner at the Tang house. Even if you are looking to eat something made by them especially then tell them before time. Hopefully, they will try to keep you satisfied and cover everything you need.



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