The Pearl of Mediterranean and Paradise of Turkey
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The Pearl of Mediterranean and Paradise of Turkey


Do you wish to enjoy every ounce of your trip? Antalya will be the biggest surprise of all the places you have visited. It is a Turkish resort city that has Yacht-filled Harbour. The beaches have large hotels. It also serves as the gateway to the South Mediterranean part of Turkey, called the Turquoise coast for blue waters. 




Places to Visit in Antalya




Duden waterfalls, Hadrian Castle Gate, Konyaaltı Beach, Antalya Museum, Antalya Aquarium, Hidirlik Towers are must-visit spots in Antalya. It has beautiful sunny beaches, narrow streets, beautiful alleys, historical sites and palm-lined boulevards. 




Fun-activities To Do When In Antalya




Antalya has much more to offer just than a long stretch of beaches. You can cruise the Turquoise Coast, Pamphylian cities and historical sites. It is not just a summer resort town but has colourful alleys, bazaars.




Exploring the colourful markets is the best way to become acquainted with the local people. The Antalya Bazaar is the main Bazaar of the city. It sells local handmade products, handicrafts, jewels, food, and awesome souvenirs. It also has local cloth stores, Turkish leather goods, etc. 




Nightlife in Antalya




If you are fond of musings and nightlife, you will be entertained for the entire night in Antalya. Sea view, live music, cocktails and late-night clubs fill a different aura in the atmosphere.




There are tons of opportunities to keep you gleeful the entire day and night. There are also many fun activities for people of all ages. Be it shopping, excellent restaurants, or lively clubs, Antalya has it all.




Feel Your Taste Buds by Exotic Cuisines




Antalya has one of the finest of Turkey's Restaurants that serve mouth-watering dishes. You can feast on cream cakes with pistachio nuts and chocolates, homemade pralines, delicate buns, olives and salads. 




Turkish tzatziki haydari is made from garlic, yoghurt and mint. It is a true delight. Grilled lamb with pitta bread, grilled onions, leaf parsley and chilli cannot be missed. If you have fresh vegetables and fried rice with it, your meal will be complete. 




Accommodation for a Comfortable Stay




Antalya has beautiful accommodations with sea view and picturesque scenery. Alfa Apart Hotel in Antalya is only 150 meters from the sea. 




With a modern style, Alfa Apart Hotel offers very spacious apartments for accommodation in Konyaaltı, which is the famous touristic area of Antalya. 




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The residence is close to the sea. It awaits you with a warm atmosphere and comfortable apartments that offer all the facilities.



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