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Top Destinations in China by AsiaRoom and

While we all know China is a massively large country, pinning down that perfect holiday can be confusing. Here we hope to minimize the hassles of choosing that perfect destination in China. In this list you likely have never heard of



The Top Destinations You Should Add to Your Itinerary In China.


After reading these most popular places list it is recommended that you research each destination to find out the specifics of each destination. China is an exciting, modern mixed with ancient. China is about as culturally diverse as you could possibly imagine.





In Xi’an china you will have the chance to see the awe inspiring and ancient terracotta army. This is one of the most visited places by foreign travelers. Considered to be one the most outstanding archaeological findings in the world, with over 6,000 life sized figures, including warriors and horses. Ride a bicycle on the ancient city wall is quite an amazing experience while in Xi’an. From Xi’an you can take the one hour bullet train to Shanghai, and Hangzhou.





Shanghai and Hangzhou is popular for its magnificent gardens, and water-towns. Shanghai is a modern mega metropolis, but escaping the city life is easily achieved. Take a nice relaxing boat tour at the same time, experiencing the ancient water-town. The Yu Garden in Shanghai, the Administrators Garden in Suzhou, and West Lake in Hangzhou





Considered the city of the Giant Panda, is a major tourist attraction, everyone wants to hug the cute and affectionate panda. Most of the zoo’s China will have panda’s but Chengdu is where you can actually hug one. There are also volunteer programs in Chengdu where you can help care for these adorable animals. In Chengdu you can also visit the Leshan Giant Buddha statue. Sichuan Opera is also very popular in Chengdu.





Visit Zhangiiaiie National Forest, with skyscraping peaks, caves, forests, and waterfalls a must see while in Chengdu. Ride the awe inspiring cable car to what is called Heavens Door Mountain, and then to top that walk the hairy glass path. See Tianmen Mountain with a tour guide and explore China like a native.





Visit the Magical Yellow Mountains while in Huangshan, it is said that these are the most beautiful mountains in all of China. Visit the hot-springs, and witness mother- nature’s magic in odd formed rock shapes. Visit ancient villages and get a real taste of country life in China. See the Artists Muse in the gorgeous village of Hongcun.





is a major tourist attraction drawing thousands monthly. The fantastic limestone is some of the most beautiful in the world. Huangshan is most known for its clean fresh natural beauty, the Li river is the highlight of your journey so be sure to add this to your list of places while in here. Taking a cruise on the Li River will be most serene and romantic. Guilin hosts the Incredible Reed Flute Cave, and also see the terraced rice fields while experiencing cultural life in Guilin.



Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a world class city with lots to offer. Considered a shoppers haven Hong Kong will never bore you. Hong Kong sport some very amazing beaches to show off that new bikini, we all know Hong Kong is top notch, and why not take the ferry across to Macau while there. A must see in Hong Kong is the picturesque Victoria Harbor, and do so from Victoria Peak.





A very ancient and well preserved city to see is Pingyao. This magnificent slice of ancient history is actually just a small town, however it was once a thriving metropolis. The ancient buildings are so well preserved it is almost difficult to fathom. Home of the Ming Dynasty between 1368 and 1664, and the Qing Dynasty from 1664 to 1911, this is a major tourist attraction. If you are traveling from Beijing to Xi’an this is a must stop-over destination. While here a must see is the Qiao family compound an amazing 19th century residence.





Chongqing is where the great Yangtze River cruises begin. Most visitor’s summary of this city is wow what a huge mountainous place. When you are up high in a building, and exit an elevator to step onto a mountain that is incredible. A must see while here is the famous 3 Gorges



China has so much to offer the modern traveler and getting from city to city has become a delight with the superfast bullet trains. We would love to include every wonderful place in China and have done many other articles on China. We hope this helps you to plan that perfect Itenerary.


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