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Top Destinations in China for Chinese New Year 2019 by AsiaRoom and

If one has a chance to celebrate this ancient tradition in China, you will get a first-hand cultural experience, that not many people have the chance to enjoy.


AsiaRoom has chosen the biggest and most elaborate of Chinese New Year Celebrations in China. Hands down, these 4 cities will wow you with millions in fireworks displays, parades, decorations, costumes and performances.


The Year of the Pig


In Chinese Astrology, 2019 is the year of the Pig. The lucky numbers are two, five and eight. The lucky colors are yellow, gray, brown and gold.


The Top 4 Chinese New Year Celebrations in China


  1. Beijing: For centuries the temple fairs in Beijing have played an important role in Chinese New Year Celebrations. Not only has this grown to be the number one destination for tourists, the significance of the temple fairs, play an important role in Chinese Culture. Temple of The Earth Fair: This Spring Festival, hosts live and traditional music performances, Carnivals, and costumes that makes the most outstanding display a foreigner could imagine. Ditan Park Temple Fair: One of the most popular fairs is Ditan Park Temple Fair, heavenly displays of scrumptious traditional Chinese foods, performances, parades, and martial arts shows. Dongyue Temple Fair: This is the oldest temple fair in Bejing, and can be dated back to the Yuan Dynasty.

  2. Guangzhou: The reason Guangzhou takes the number 2 spot in our picks for Chinese New Year in China, is the city was not long ago re-developed for tourists, it is modern and is the home to Chinas top flower festivals. So, a mix of Chinese New Year, decorated with millions of flowers makes for a stunningly beautiful experience. This city is one that China is very proud of, with its unmatched beauty, modern transportation systems, that makes Guangzhou a world class destination. The Flower Market seems to come to an extraterrestrial life form during Chinese New Year, The Yuexui Park Lantern Fair: This is an awe-inspiring spectacle, and a great place to see the intricate had crafted lanterns on full display. There are several flower markets that really put on eye candy shows, not to mention the over the top photos you no doubt will return home with. Chimelong Chinese New Year: Labeled the Flower City, and does seem to have flowers blooming every month of the year, The Spring and Flower festivals all begin just before Chinese New Year and blend the festivals together in seamless ways. This entire city seems to become one huge festival, and a memory that will no doubt last forever.

  3. Hongkong: Is nothing of the same as mainland China, but not in a bad way. Here you will see new age shows, concerts, foods and flowers leading up to the main event of fireworks and the countdown. There seems to be a mix of ancient Chinese culture and new world things happening, yet seems really difficult to explain. There is a parade that is carried on at night, and has some of the most decorative floats in the world. The parties at these festivals and events carry on afterwards, and well on into the night, and are no doubt big city and world class parties. The enormous fireworks display on the 17th is one for the record books, and is held at Victoria Harbor.

  4. Macau: This city is engulfed with casinos, and if you are familiar with casino style cities then Macau may be the place to spend your Chinese New Year. Macau’s Chinese New Year is more subdued than Hongkong, or the mainland but is more laid back and fun at the same time.



This Is a Special Time for Chinese People



Everyone loves to celebrate and have a great time during the New Year’s Celebrations, but let’s do so with some respect to the Temples and families, for this is a very profound and meaningful time, do try to observe when someone is with their family or at the temples. If you have Chinese friends or family in China, do make it a point to visit or stay with them at this time of year, you will have some of the best foods ever, learn the traditions, and have a family to love too.



Be Prepared



Overcrowded streets, especially near the events, and traffic jams are normal at this time of year. Book Your Stay Early, as people travelling back to China to see family, as well as tourists may leave you with limited choices. The restaurants will be packed so plan ahead for meal-times.



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Happy Chinese New Year from the AsiaRoom Team.


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