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Top Destinations to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Asia by AsiaRoom and

Leading up to the count-down, depending on which destination you choose you will find parades, dragon dances, and tons of food, along with extreme firework displays. The color red is worn traditionally during this New Year celebration. You will find concerts, and celebrations that go-on for days and in some areas weeks leading up to the count-down.


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According to ancient Chinese legend the fireworks are to drive off the evil spirits. The color red is used to show strength, energy, and life. Whether you are in mainland China or in any part of Asia, expect to feel the excitement, and see the ethnic Chinese flocking to the areas designated for the celebrations. In most of SE Asia you will find the center of the celebrations being in China-town. The ethnic Chinese begin the celebrations no less than one week before the actual count-down.


Top Picks for Chinese New Year in Asia




  • Sydney, this is the party most Australians wait for. In China-town expect 3 weeks of long drawn out non-stop parties. The parade is no doubt an expensive and elaborate display of Chinese culture in Australia.




  • Hong-Kong, For the party on New Years Eve you must be at Lan Kwai Fong, a lot of the party venues require a door charge however food and drink is supplied. If you think Hong Kong New year is not traditional think again, there is no less than 3 days of traditional ancient Chinese festivities; costumes parades and magnificent costume displays. The fireworks at Victoria harbor and spectacular, the New Year Parade passes through Tsim Sha Tsui a traditional Chinese parade is a site to behold and the photos you bring home are a life-time memory to have.

  • Beijing: The entire city is adorned with red lanterns; the temples are the most ornate at this time of year, but do respect the visitors, as this is an important time of year for Chinese people. The fire-works show in Beijing is astonishing, it is as if all of the sun, moon and stars are celebrating along with you.




  • Bali and Kuta Beach, the night party is substantial and not to be missed and will last through to the next morning. Jimbaran Bay Samur Beach a more subdued climate exists here and more recommended for families. Bedugal a picturesque New Year celebration by the lake with a mountain back drop, now that sounds romantic.




  • Taipei: The Taipei 101 fireworks show is located at the world’s second tallest sky-scraper. There is a featured light show that seems to dance to the tune of the fireworks. This is the place to be for the countdown party. Top performance artist will be playing live music leading up to midnight,




  • Chiang Mai: Oh, magical Chiang Mai, is home to the lantern festival. The lanterns are called Komloi, and works similar to a hot air balloon, traditionally your bad from the past year will sail away with the lantern. The biggest celebration is located at Wararot market which is Chiang Mai’s Chinatown. Chiang Mai is magical for Chinese New Year with, parades, live music, and Chinatown is full of action and shows for a full 3 days. Chiang Mai’s ethnic Chinese culture is very rich, so much so that many do not even speak Thai.

  • Bangkok: Chinatown in Bangkok is nothing but amazing, the parades and red costumes, the entire area becomes a food festival with live music and an extremely elaborate firework show. Bangkok is home to many ethnic Chinese and the show is very traditional. Bangkok is concert paradise almost any bar, or club of significance will host popular artists. You will also see one spectacular fireworks show on the Chao Phraya River, the river festival continues on for 3 consecutive days.

  • Koh Phangan Full Moon Party: this is a world-famous party held on the island beaches of Koh Phangan Island. Culture rich music and performances by famous musicians are staged all about, the night party is one of the biggest in the world, this is a mostly younger crowd, and is no doubt a very intense party. There is tradition here but the major attraction is the nigh-time beach parties.

  • Phuket: With a world-renowned party reputation this island paradise gets wild for New Years. The place to be for the fireworks show is Surin Beach. The biggest name musicians and bands will no doubt be in force for New Years in Phuket.




  • Boracay Island: It is said that This island paradise ranks 3rd in the world for New Year’s celebrations. The party here is located on White Beach, this is an all day New Years Eve party with clubs all along the beach playing music and dosing out the cocktails, ah sunrise in Boracay with drunken memories of the year past.




  • Singapore boasts a strong ethnic Chinese heritage. This city has a high reputation for hosting parties, and New Years Eve is no exception. Marina Bay for count-down is arguably the best place in the world to ring in the New Year. Siloso Beach is the number one attraction in Singapore for New Years, do arrive very early because everyone else will too. Boasting a foam party and live music until after count-down.





  • Tokyo: Not just your average New Years Eve party, but one for the record books. The celebrations begin no less than 4 days before the actual count-down. Expect to rock the heck out with some of Japans top talents. You will definitely feel as if you have just spent two weeks at Mardi Gras New Orleans.




  • Penang: A 2-week celebration cast by the Malay Ethnic Chinese. This time of year, the families from all over Malaysia come home to Penang to be with family. These people know how to feast and throw a party.



The Number One Pick in SE Asia Is Vietnam




  • The Vietnamese people know how to throw a party. It is so intense we will allow you to choose your own destination in Vietnam, as the party is alive and rocking it out in every major city. I do not believe you can find a place in Vietnam that is not blowing it out for New Years, as Chinese ethnicity is very strong and rich in Vietnam, and is onsidered the grandfather of Vietnamese holidays, this is it folks. Vietnam is AsiaRoom’s top pick for Chinese New Year in Asia. Do not miss it.


As the Chinese New Year is based on the Lunar Calendar do check with the destination you have chosen for exact times and dates. This is one of the most colorful and beautiful celebrations in Asia. The food is a spread, and is displayed out for days and weeks in some areas. The parties in most cities begin early morning, and carry on well after midnight. You may witness or even receive a red envelope with cash. The Lion Dances accompanied by drums and symbols move about like parades through the city streets. This tradition is to bring good luck in the new year coming.


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