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Victoria boasts some of the world’s most beautiful natural attractions. Aside from salt entangled air on her astoundingly beautiful blue beaches, tropical rainforests, and mountain hiking trails, the Australians have a knack for adding bonus pleasures to their wonderful gifts of nature.



Victoria is located in south east Australia, and Melbourne the capital is part of Victoria. Bordering Tasmania and the Bass Strait, with New South Wales on the northern most side; Victoria has a world of low cost, and many even free things to do while here. Australians are notorious for their festivals and events, and many are free admission. Adding to that seems impossible; however, visiting the many museums, parks and cool niche spots make Victoria a super cool budget travel destination.



Parks and Museums to Visit for Free


  • Port Campbell National Park: Have you ever wanted to see penguins, well here is your chance. The astronomical observatory offers telescopes for viewing outer space too. All for free.

  • Alfred Nicholas Gardens: An astonishingly gorgeous work of art, with water features such as waterfalls, lakes and ponds, all adorned with beautiful flowers and shrubbery, another free place to see in Victoria Australia.

  • Brambuk Cultural Center and the Grampians National Park: See the ancient history of the Aboriginal people’s rock art. You will have the opportunity to learn many things about the aboriginal peoples. All for free.

  • The National Rhododendron Gardens: Located in the Dandenong mountain ranges, a flower and photography lover’s dream come true, here you can snap up shots of rhododendrons, magnolias, cherries, azaleas, as well as many other exotic flowers. Entrance to the park is free.

  • Victoria State Rose Garden and Werribee Park: Another wonderful place for photo ops and a chance to take in the amazing beauty of roses as well as many other flowers that seem to grow astoundingly well in the tropical climate of Victoria. Entrance to the park is free.

  • The Royal Australian Airforce Museum: Is also a free attraction, the aviation museum is also on the same site. The original hangers from WWII are the housings for the displays of military war planes. A really cool no cost exhibit.



Theme and Water Parks:


  • Bendigo Water world and Theme Park: Cool off, Australian style at this super fun water park.

  • Fun Fields Theme Park: Many world class attractions, this is one of Australia’s oldest and most visited parks.

  • Galactic Circus Theme Park: This said to be Australia’s biggest indoor theme park. A world class attraction that will leave an ear to ear grin on your face.

  • Wonderland Fun Park: Many locals love this park and say this park will leave you exhausted at the end of the day.

  • Gumbaya Park: This park has rides for every age group, and a great way to spend the entire day, hosting water features as well as thrill rides.



What is a trip to Australia without visiting the Kuala Conservation Center? Hey, and do not forget to visit the Healesville Sanctuary: this place is where you can see how the Australians are dedicated to saving endangered animals. The Werribe Open Range Zoo, here you can see many of the African species living in a replicated natural environment, this is really cool. Honestly, Victoria has so much to offer one blog post simply is not enough to give justice to her.



So, what about the Kangaroos? Fear not, they are everywhere, you will no doubt see them on the roads while travelling. Southern Australia has so much to offer, these are off the beaten path.



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