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Whitsunday Islands by AsiaRoom and Keys.me

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, mostly due to the Great Barrier Reefs popularity. It is safe to say the reefs over shadow the beauty of the Whitsunday Islands.


The islands see over one million visitors annually. If blinding white sands, yachting, fishing, snorkeling and aqua blue salt waters is paradise to you then the Whitsundays definitely should be on your bucket list. The Whitsundays are just off the coast of another amazing holiday destination Queensland Australia.


Several of the Whitsunday islands are resort towns, however there are many places to camp also. Chartering a yacht or simply kayaking the islands is very easily accomplished. Snorkeling is a dreamer’s paradise as the Great Barrier Reef is home to the likes of many sharks, sea turtles and other marine life.



The Whitsundays are made up of seventy-four islands and right smack off the coast of Queensland Australia. The best way to arrive is by plane from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, or Cairns. You can also take a ferry from Arlie beach, or charter a helicopter which is the best view.


Hamilton Island


Hamilton Island is the busiest and most popular town in the Whitsundays. Accommodations range from high-end resorts to budget bungalow types. Hamilton Island has everything you need to make a holiday the best possible.


What’s happening on Whitsunday Island?


There are restaurants, bars, and everything a small resort town could conjure up. There is sailing, snorkeling, yacht clubs, yacht charters, fishing, kayaking, wind surfing, you name it folks it is all here and done all the way in Australian style fun. There is even a golf course here.


Rent a boat, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, there is no holiday that can out-do the outback’s Whitsunday islands. There is simply no holiday that can top this.



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