Win Premier Mangga Besar, Jakarta, Indonesia
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Win Premier Mangga Besar, Jakarta, Indonesia

Looking for some comfortable yet modern accommodations in Jakarta? Then look no further as Win Premier Mangga Besar is the top place where you need to be to enjoy the vacation of your dreams.

Win Premier Mangga Besar is the best hotel present in Jakarta with many amenities present in it. It is a homely place to live with 340 guestrooms which are so comfortable to make you feel relax. You can also have professional meetings here, as there are 15 rooms present in it. The front desk service is available for 24-hours. Other than this, the facilities that are available to its guests include daily housekeeping ballroom, free Wi-Fi, and free parking. This is the place where many attractions are present, so you can easily go to visit those breath-taking places. All the guest rooms are spacious and environmentally friendly. The interior of all the rooms is very elegant and attractive. You will have a facility for TV present in almost every room. Win premier Mangga Besar has a friendly staff, with many facilities available. Let us talk about the major attractions that you can visit after selecting this place for accommodation. Pasar Baru is the most popular place, which you can visit just walking for 15 minutes only.

Jakarta is a modern city, which has a lot of places to visit. It is the capital of Indonesia and the place has its own worth and value. One must not miss this place as it is in the top priority list of the tourists. Let us talk about the places present near this hotel. You can discover almost everything about your taste here, from history to architecture and from architecture to shopping. Lokasari plaza is present just an 11-minute walk from this hotel, so you can buy your required things from here. Other than this The National Monument, Istiqlal Mosque, Merdeka Square, Thousand Islands, Ancol Dreamland, National Gallery, Ancol Beach City, Setu Babakan, Dragonfly, Pasar Seni Ancol, and Kota Tua. 

The National Monument is one of the most elegant itineraries presents in Jakarta. The monument has a height of almost 132-meter high and is developed because of struggle. It is an architectural building with its unique importance and history to know about. While the Ancol Dreamland is, present just 3.7 km away from this accommodation. The museum of fine arts and ceramics is present to a 41 minutes’ walk, so you how facilitating this accommodation is for its residents. Merkeda Square is also present in Jakarta and is the most captivating and alluring place. This place has water features, footpaths, a bed of beautiful flowers and wooded areas, hence the best place for sightseeing. So, you are going to have a wonderful time here no matter what happens.

This hotel is considered the best one for accommodation, as it will suit your taste. In addition, you will feel like home after staying at this place. This residence is the nearest one to all the accommodations present in Jakarta. So just, go for this place to make your trip even more memorable and comfortable. You will find almost everything related to your requirements at this.  You will feel like paradise after staying at this place.



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