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Xi’an China by Asiaroom and Keys.me

Extravagant Memorable Holiday One of the oldest cities in China, and is the oldest of the Ancient dynasties. Xi’an is said to be the beginning of the Silk Road. Xi’an is the birthplace of Chinese history.



A Modern City with One of the World’s Most Intact Ancient Treasures



Xi’an is a futuristic city, and with optimism, and has become a hub of popular universities and aerospace technologies. Being the capital of thirteen ancient dynasties one can begin to fathom the importance of this city. Xi’an is in Northern Central China. Being one of China’s most popular tourist destinations you may wonder why you have never heard of it.



The Terracotta Horses and Army


This unbelievable site has become one of China’s most important sites for tourism and with reason. This is a collection of Terracotta figures on a massive scale. The ancient figures were discovered in 1974 by farmers. The figures uncovered were, Chariots, some 8000 soldiers, and horses. These can all be found at the Ancient Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum.



The Drum and Bell Tower


It is said that most cities in China have these towers, one tower contains drums and the other bells, these are must see attractions in Xi’an as the stunning architecture is simply amazing and a great place for photos.



Mount Huashan


An adrenaline junkies dream come true, not to mention one of the most spectacular views of Xi’an. If you are physically fit this is a must do attraction. For those that are not into physical exertion there is a cable car ride from the main gate to the top of the mountain.



The Ancient Xi’an City Wall


This is one of the oldest and largest Chinese city walls, and was built in the fourteenth century. This is one fantastic place to see the city, and do so on a bicycle. You will no doubt stop for hundreds of photos.




Shaanxi History Museum


There are so many things to see here, do prepare to spend no less than five hours here. Actual paintings from the ancient Emperors Tombs, many artifacts dating back to when the ancient Silk Road was in operation, which is a contributing to these fantastic works of cultural art.



Yuanjia Village.


Travel back in time, and see this ancient village. The village is a cultural preservation project where you see how foods were made and tasted. See how handcrafts are made, as well as purchase souvenirs.



Visa Information


Getting a visa to China has certain criterion and do be aware that it is wise to apply for your visa before purchasing your plane tickets. If you are only wanting to be in Xi’an for a few days you can have 72 hours visa free.



Transportation in Xi’an


Uber it is my friend, it is cheap, and the best way to get around the city. Public transportation is modern and more than sufficient however if you cannot read Chinese you may be in for a disappointment.



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