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Bandung The Third Largest City in Indonesia

Bandung Indonesia, a city of more than 2 and a half million people, and is less than 100 miles SE of Jakarta. Bandung was a very important city for the Dutch East Indies, and many of the cultural ways and traditions are still thriving today. It has an attraction that only the serious traveler knows exists. Cool ornate restaurants and coffee shops, and we are talking way outrageously cool.

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Sri Lanka - Pearl Shaped Island Full of Surprises

Sri Lanka is all you could ask if you’re look for a relaxing place with sand beaches, fresh food and people so kind and helpful you will feel ashamed. Just remember to have at least ten days to visit. Otherwise, you’ll end up like me - skipping some of the most famous spots like Sigiriya stone and tea plucking experience. But you will have fun swimming with giant turtles and eating fresh fish curry.

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Beautiful, Historical and Festive Penang Malaysia

Penang’s climate is warm and tropical, with the temperature staying between 85 to the upper 90’s year-round. Peninsular Malaysia has a very high Chinese ethnic population, where the architecture is most certainly evident of Chinese decent, the immaculate Temples and ornate homes are evidence of wealthy Chinese descendants. Penang is home to many festivals and events. This is one destination for the record books. The well preserved historical sites, as well as the multicultural environment makes this one of the most friendly and diverse places to visit,

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