Phi Phi, and Koh Lanta Islands Thailand’s Andaman Sea Paradise by Keys.Me and AsiaRoom

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Phi Phi, and Koh Lanta Islands Thailand’s Andaman Sea Paradise by Keys.Me and AsiaRoom

If you are a person who loves visiting islands, whether they are dotted with beautiful resorts, or completely uninhabited. The pristine white sands and sparkling blue salt sea of the Andaman has no match on earth.



Many of the islands have been developed for tourism, and can be easily accessed by ferries or smaller water craft. It is very common, and easy to find a guide for the adventure. Whether you charter a yacht or are a scuba diver there are many options available, from scuba diving to rock climbing it is all here. Spend the day with your family while the yachtsmen prepare dinner for you back on board.



Some of the island groups are: Phang Nga Bay with 67 islands, Mu Ko Chang National Park has 52 paradise filled treasures, Tarutao National Marine Park has 51, and Mu Ko Ang Thong National park has 42 islands to explore.



The Andaman Sea and Phi Phi Island


The aquamarine sea of the Andaman makes the clear blue skies appear pale in color. Phi Phi island is one of the most popular islands in Thailand’s maze of singled out pieces of land created for pure un-ending island pleasure. This island is located in South West Thailand. The island is only 6 kilometers wide and 30 kilometers long, it is one of Asia’s most popular destinations, and declared as one of the world’s top 10 beaches. Now that is a tough notch to compete against.



The Andaman And Ko Lanta Island


For close to twenty years expats have settled here erecting resorts with their Thai families, some small in scale to the most luxurious. Divers and back packers have long sought after a stay in this salt air filled dream come true. Ko Lanta has many natural attractions and white sand beaches that blind the human eye. It is said that Thai sea Gypsies settled here some four hundred years ago, which is still evident by the stilt housing structures with designs passed down by generations.


Arriving to Koh Lanta is easy, from Bangkok one can take a bus that runs overnight, It takes about 12 hours to Krabi, at Krabi bus station you can take a minivan for about 250 baht where they drop you off at the front of the Hotel or Resort. If you prefer flying from Bangkok you can use a taxi service to and from your Resort. 



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