Ayutthaya, Thailand by AsiaRoom and Keys.Me

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Ayutthaya, Thailand by AsiaRoom and Keys.Me

The kingdom of Ayutthaya reigned from 1367 until 1767, and was once one of the richest cities in the East. Such a powerful Kingdom that extended into Burma, Cambodia, China, and parts of Vietnam. In fact, some of these areas still speak some Thai words, and the languages are no doubt convoluted versions of the Thai language. All over Europe, Ayutthaya was referred to as Siam. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ayutthaya is well preserved. Visiting this city, you will see first hand the massive temples, structures, and stupas that still remain and in fairly decent condition, considering their ancient age.


Getting There


It is quite easy to find if travelling from Bangkok, the best way is to rent a car, however if by taxi, or bus it only takes about 1 ½ hours drive. You may also take the train, but do consider the on and off time. AsiaRoom.com recommends staying in Ayutthaya for a few days, as there are so many things to see. Below we cover the top attractions in this very important part of Thailand’s history.


Historical Sites in Ayutthaya:


  • Ayutthaya Historical Park: A World Heritage Site, this is the main place of interest that draws so much attention. The park grounds are well maintained and lush green, you are free to roam around and soak in the ancient sites. There is an onsite bicycle rental shop highly recommended. Many of the remains are scattered about the park and not located in the main park area. The park is surrounded by 3 large rivers that form an island. There are close to 70 historical temples, and right at 100 ancient sites on the island alone.


Temples Inside the Park (Tip: visit the temples before the museum.)


  1. Wat Mahathat: dating back to the early thirteen hundred’s, and is one of most early dated ancient temples, this Wat contained historical relics and all were stored in the museum in the 1950’s.

  2. Wat Phra Ram: this temple was created as a cremation tribute to one of the late kings, the temple is located on a beautiful green area by the lake. Many people love to bring their Thai road-side foods here for a picnic break, while exploring the many other sites.

  3. Wat Ratchaburana: the contents of this ancient temple have been moved to the museum so when visiting, you can keep your eyes out for the items. Much of the original carvings and structures still remain intact.

  4. Wat Phra Si Sanphet: this temple dating back to the fifteenth century, was long ago part of the Royal Palace. There are three stupas on the grounds containing the royalties remains. This temple was surrounded by brick and mortar walls which the vast majority is still standing today.

  5. Wat Thammikarat: This temple is actually older than Ayutthaya itself, what is awe inspiring is the temple is still an active monastery. Have your camera ready the ancient statues are still amazingly intact.

  6. Wat Lokkayasutharam: Not many things remain at this ancient site however the enormous Buddha is worth seeing.


Chao Sam Phraya National Museum


Containing the relics discovered over time from each temple and site, this museum is a must visit. The museum amazingly displays ancient Jade, emerald, gold and diamond jewelry, statues, wood carvings, and ceramics as well as many other items found during the park restoration period.


Historical Sites in Ayutthaya City


Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, the stupa at this temple is an amazing 50 feet high, the temple houses many historical relics. Wat Phanan Choeng, the huge Buddha statue is believed to be older than the temple itself which dates back to the early fourteen hundred’s. Wat Chai Wathanaram, built Khmer standard, this temple contains the remains of King Prasat Thong. Wat Putthaiswan, the first King of Ayutthaya had this massive temple built in thirteen-fifty-three.


Attractions in Modern Day Ayutthaya


  • Ayutthaya Floating Market: this is an amazing traditional style, Thailand’s floating market on the river, this is a Thai tradition that all travelers need to witness, lots of shops to buy Thai hand crafted wares and taste Thai delicacies. One can witness one of the many performances of traditional Thai dance. This place is frequented by locals as well as tourists.

  • Elephant Stay Preservation Park: This is where you can get up close and contribute to the care and preservation of the Thai elephant, many of the elephants brought here are elderly and need special care, at last count there were close to 80 elderly elephants being cared for here.

  • Bang Sai: Her Majesty the Queen created this place to protect the traditional Thai hand-crafted items so many of us seek to have, this is a must-see attraction for all.

  • Bang Pa In Summer Palace: this is a royal palace on a small islet in the center of the Chao Phraya River.


The City of Ayutthaya


This city was established in 1351 and was the home of the Siamese Empire, which over time has developed into modern-day Thailand; evident by its UNESCO World Heritage Site one could quickly fall in love with Ayutthaya. There are many places to stay and eat, as the city has developed into a modern-day Asia feel and look. Booking Your Stay with AsiaRoom is fast and easy. Whether you are looking for back-packer or high-end accommodations Ayutthaya has it all.


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