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Ecuador by AsiaRoom and

Ecuador shares a border with Columbia to the north, and Peru to the south and east, as well as the Pacific Ocean on the west coast. It is rather fascinating that the Galapagos Islands are right at 600 miles west of the mainland in the Pacific Ocean.





The capital of Ecuador is Quito, but the largest city Guayaquil. The Amerindian people were part of the Inca Empire in the 15th century. Ecuador was colonized by Spain during the 16th century.


Ecuador has an amazing diverse culture of people, with the majority of its people being Mestizos, as well as many European, Amerindian, and African descendants. The vast majority of people in Ecuador are mainly Spanish speaking.


The capital city of Ecuador is Quito, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Galapagos Islands are the number one tourist destination for this amazing historical country. The majority of travelers only see Quito before heading off to the Galapagos Islands.


There is no doubt that the Galapagos Islands are on heck of a site to see; however missing out on the other sites this country offers is a mistake to avoid. The amazing volcano tours, the Amazon, as well as the Cotopaxi Mountain.



Things to Do in Ecuador


  • The Amazon Rain Forest: It is said that half of Ecuador is rain forest. The lagoons, and forests are home to thousands of different plant, and animal species. You stand a great chance of photographing, ocelots, jaguars, monkeys, and tapirs.

  • Quito City: The capital of Ecuador is historical, amazingly beautiful and full of life. If you love historical sites then this UNESCO World Heritage city is a must visit. The ancient colonial churches such as Monasterio De San Francisco is a site to behold and a unique glimpse back into time.

  • The Galapagos Islands: They say there is so much wildlife here that it is impossible not to get many Instagram moments in a single day. If you have heard the stories of beauty from these islands believe it and more. Some of the most stunning beaches to be found are here. Very well worth every moment spent.

  • Cotopaxi Mountain: Standing proud at 12,000 snow tipped feet this towering masterpiece of earth’s creation is a site to behold. This mountain is quite popular for mountain bikers, and people who enjoy amazing hikes.

  • The Devils Nose Train: This train ride is definitely not for the squeamish, with winding Cliffside tracks that seems to make the train want to plummet below. The apple of the prize is arriving in Alausi City. The town on top of the mountain is very charming and the friendly folks there make it a blast.



Accommodations and Food Costs


Accommodations in Ecuador are very cheap, and leaves the budget for all of the niceties. Most Hotels, Resorts, Bed and Breakfasts, dorms, and hostels provide free Wi-Fi, and many free breakfast to boot. The food is amazing and very inexpensive unless you need to fix that Western craving at a restaurant. The local markets have many home grown fruits and vegetables to satisfy, and get the local feel of Ecuador. If you like to drink alcohol it is very cheap to buy from local shops, however in the restaurants and bars it will be much more expensive.




Paying by the hour on long distance buses is the way it goes here, generally it costs about 2 bucks per hour. Taxis in the city cost on average about 5 USD as long as the trip stays in the cities. You can rent cars in Ecuador, the price ranges from about 50 to 75 dollars per day.


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