Machu Picchu, Peru by Asiaroom and

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Machu Picchu, Peru by Asiaroom and

Located on the mountains above the Sacred Valley about 50 miles northwest of Cuzco Peru. The ancient structure is believed to have been built between 1438 and 1472.


The Lost City of the Incas


The city was abandoned only 100 years after it was built, at about the same time the Spanish conquered vast swaths of South America. It is said that the Spanish never knew the site was there, we will leave that to your discretion. Machu Picchu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Millions of travelers flock to this ancient site every year. The site is open to visitors year round, however bear in mind from late September through October it does rain a lot. The busiest times to visit is July and August



Extreme Altitudes


The site of Machu Picchu is 8000 feet above sea level, and the town of Cuzco is eleven thousand feet. The risk of having altitude sickness is quite high. Asiaroom recommends staying in the town of Aguas Calientes at just under 7,000 feet for your first few nights to get acclimated, it will be fun and give you time to experience the cultures and ways of life. The other alternative is spending a few days in Cusco at 11,000 feet and it is highly likely you will feel the effects of the altitude. By following this tip your tip at the historical site will go off without a hitch.



Getting There


The best way to arrive to Cusco from Aguas or vice versa is by train. Aguas Calientes is the closest town to the site however much smaller than Cusco. The train ride between the two cities is a spectacular site. The train runs alongside the Urubamba River. The train ride is just under 4 hours. There are 3 trains that run this route, the Inca Rail and Peru rail are the cheapest but still quite comfortable trains. The Hiram Bingham train is a bit more expensive, includes a nice meal and well worth the money. It is recommended to book your train reservations a few months in advance. There are tour buses if you are on a budget.



Hiking from Cusco


There are hiking tours to the site for the most serious and fit travelers. Booking a hiking tour will afford you the chance to really get the feel of how people live here. There are professional tour companies that do the hikes. Do bear in mind it takes a few days to do.



Where to Stay, Eat and Do


  • Aguas Calientes: There are a handful of resorts in the town that have gotten many rave reviews. There are places from high-end, mid and low range pricing. The restaurants are not high-end but culturally fun. The beer is pretty good and you can even sample the local craft brews. The hot springs in this town is also a must see attraction plus a nice time to relax in the mineral heated waters.

  • Cuzco: An exciting town packed with things to do. Cuzco also holds the UNESCO World Heritage Site Status so do not miss it. The hotels are fantastic, the local Peruvian food is done with local vegetables and delicious. The museums house some really interesting ancient relics and are not something you want to miss out on. The people are really easy going no stress here folks, which makes staying here a few days absolutely worth it.




Machu Picchu is one of those places you must see at some point in your life. It is not just a place to see but an experience too. The cities are well versed in tourism and have honed the service industry well.


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