Magnificent Chiang Mai, Thailand, by AsiaRoom and Keys.Me

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Magnificent Chiang Mai, Thailand, by AsiaRoom and Keys.Me

Once the capital of the Kingdom of Lanna from 1296 to 1768. The main city center is still surrounded by the old kingdoms moat, and the 4 corners of the moat still have the remaining brick and mortar walls. Chiang Mai is about 700 kilometers north of Bangkok. Chiang Mai is surrounded by the highest mountains in Thailand, and the Ping River runs directly through the city.



Chiang Mai is listed as one of the 25 best cities in the world to visit, this city is packed with history and culture, where still today traditional garb, and handmade clothing is worn. Just minutes from the bustling modern Chiang Mai you can visit hill tribe towns in the mountains, where the richness of its history is still prevalent. Many languages most of Chinese decent are still spoken in these tribes. The Hmong, Karen, and many other ethnic peoples are astonishingly still living as their ancestors did some 700 years ago.



A Modern City with Rare Deep Rooted History


From ancient temples to modern extravagant shopping malls, Chiang Mai has quickly become home to thousands of Expats from all over the world. From Night markets to walking streets. You will see each day spent on your holiday here, walking streets many of the vendors come down from the hilltribes and sell their hand made wares. Food, oh the fabulous food in Chiang Mai, spicy some mildly and some to the extreme, but fear not for those who cannot tolerate the little red fire producers called the chili pepper; there are enough Western, and world cuisine restaurants to suit your craving.



Arriving In Chiang Mai


Arriving in Chiang Mai by air is easy no matter from what corner of the world or where in Thailand you are. CNX the Chiang Mai International Airport, arriving by bus, no worries at all, there are busses arriving and departing every hour from most parts of Thailand. Do you like trains? The overnight train from Bangkok is about a 12-hour ride, where you can have your own private room with bunk beds.



Chiang Mai is a lovely place to visit and navigate, it is so easy to understand why so many from every corner of the world have chosen Chiang Mai as their home. There are so many attractions, from elephant sanctuaries, zoos, to the Wild Life Safari. National parks, fancy restaurants right down to the road side local delicacies. There is simply no way to go wrong by visiting this amazing city.



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