Mountains and Coffee in Pereira

Mountains and Coffee in Pereira
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Mountains and Coffee in Pereira


Pereira is a beautiful city in the mountains which is a coffee-growing region in western Columbia. It is known for mild Arabica Beans. It is a part of the world heritage site declared by UNESCO in 2011. This city is a result of colonization. It retains the culture of entrepreneurship and kindness.




What Can You Do In Pereira?




This city is very suitable for adventure sports, relaxing in hot springs and enjoying the nature reserves that are based on culture and inter alia spaces. However, snow cannot be seen here. 




The mountains have coffee and banana. The valleys have sugarcane crops and bamboo.




Amazing Experiences




Pereira is a city that is best for travellers who like coffee culture. You can learn much about the cultivation of coffee grain. This has given a good position to Columbia in the world. 




Some of the farms here also show the process of coffee preparation. You will taste the world’s best Arabica coffee in Pereira, Columbia. 




Must-enjoy Activities




The Los Nevados National Natural Park cannot be missed. The exciting adventure sports will complete your tour with a fun element. 




You can also see the controversial bronze statue, The Naked Bolivar, the cathedral of our lady of the Poor, the technical university of Pereira. These are beautiful architectural landmarks.




La Pobreza can be visited very conveniently. The climate is very moderate and healthy without heat and humidity. This makes it perfect for tourists. Parque Olaya Herrera has monuments, old train station and colonnades. 




Alto Del Nudo is a nice eco-park. It gives a beautiful view of the city and mountains. You can do hiking and have a stroll in the lap of nature. It also has nice restaurants and a conference centre.




Food and Flavours




Food is very simple yet flavoursome in Pereira. They have soup during lunchtime which is made from plantain. Plantain is green bananas. 




The soup is served with rice, fried chicken, beef or pork. To add a hint of freshness, they add cabbage salad in a vinegar dressing. 




They also serve juice made from a native fruit. The meal is very delicious. Coffee is the all-time favourite here. You can also taste some local desserts like mazamorra, panels, etc. 








Do you think that visiting Columbia would burn your pocket? Well, the hotels are inexpensive but nice in terms of price and service.




The Relajante Paraiso De Ensueño is located in the prime Seleccionar Provincia/región. It has a pretty lobby with delightful breakfast, helpful staff, and private rooms with bathrooms, newspaper, friendly owner, Wi-Fi, good location and proper ambience. You can visit this site to know more about their services and policies. 




The owner of the hotel is very friendly and is eager to assist with even the slightest of concern.



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