Tijuana, Mexico by Keys.me and AsiaRoom

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Tijuana, Mexico by Keys.me and AsiaRoom

Tijuana is the largest city in the Mexican Baja Peninsula, and located just a stone’s throw away from San Diego California. Often referred to as the Gold Coast of Baja California.


Tijuana is the most visited border city in the world, and shares a 15 mile border with San Diego California. It is said that over 50 million people cross this border each year.


Tijuana is a modern city with a touch of Spanish history, and very much a colorful place to visit. Some of the most decorative artfully decorated shops adorn this city for a true Mexican experience. Let’s take a look at some of the things to do in Tijuana.



Tijuana Cultural house: Hosts an IMAX theater, a well done exhibit area displaying from pre-historic to modern exhibits. What makes this exhibit great is the Museum next door, killing two birds with one stone so to speak.


Museo De Las California: See the history of Baja California from pre-historic times to now. There are replica cave arts on to other important generations of the Baja’s.


La Revu: This is the main tourist area in Tijuana, and is located adjacent to the border crossings into San Diego. Buy local souvenirs such as silver, dirt cheap medicines and even a Mexican Sombrero.


Mercado Hidalgo Market: Buy up some really nice fruit, cheese, and most of the handmade items made throughout Mexico can be bought here for souvenirs.


Plaza Monumental De Tijuana: This is the amazing bull fighting ring that can accommodate over 20,000 excited fans. The famous Fiesta Brava is held here from May through September. The building itself is a great opportunity to get some really amazing photos.


Tras Horizonte: An indoor restaurant that resembles a warehouse, but artfully painted and decorated with cactus, different species of plants and characters, and brings to life this very unique and fun restaurant in a great cultural way. A must visit for some food and a beer.


Mercado El Popo Market: A very colorful market located in downtown Tijuana. Here you can get lots of unique items at super cheap prices. Cinnamon bundles, handmade kitchen utensils, hand carved candles and soaps. Perfumes and many more items.


Mercado Artesanias: This market is huge, and the best place to get loads of souvenirs at great prices. The market boasts anything from hand bags to ceramic ware as well as leather goods, etc.


Parque Morelos: This is the largest nature park in Tijuana with lots of activities. The park has a swimming pool, a lake, and play-grounds for the kids, botanical gardens, a snack area, and a place to barbeque.



Tijuana’s Top Beaches


Playas De Tijuana: Located in Western Tijuana on the Pacific Ocean and inside the city limits. Many locals love to hang out at this beach, this beach also has many visitors from the United States. Activities include surfing, body boarding, fishing, as well as dolphin watching. There are many cafes, shops and bars in the area to indulge in lots of beach fun. Many of the bars and cafes have live music and fun going on.


Rosarito Beach: this beach is about 20 miles outside of Tijuana but well worth the trip. The most recent Titanic movie was filmed here and the grounds have now become an amazing theme park. There is a never ending stream of visitors and tourists and for good reason. The nightlife on this beach is simply amazing.


Ensenada Beach: This beach is even further from Tijuana than Rosarito Beach. This area is popular for scuba diving, snorkeling, and sea kayaking. The coral and rock formations are some of the most beautiful in the world.





Tijuana Is Simply a Fantastic Holiday Adventure


I suppose one could imagine at this point that Tijuana Mexica is one fabulous holiday destination. Many Americans venture here on day trips as well as a full holiday adventure. If you are visiting California Tijuana Mexica is an absolute must and one holiday for the record books.



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