Travel Tips: How to Infuse Your Love of Travel into Your Home Décor

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Travel Tips: How to Infuse Your Love of Travel into Your Home Décor

If you have a passion for travel and want to have a reflection of your personality in your living space, there is no better way than to decorate your home with a travel theme. Yes, this has been a new trend of late in interior design where your love for travel, travel aspirations and favorite destinations inspire the interior décor. This can keep you in happy mood always as when at home; you will be constantly reminded of quite a few of your best memories all the time.


Here, we have listed some of our favorite and unique ideas that will express your love for travel through your own home-


1. Vintage suitcase and trunks



Vintage suitcase and trunks are fantastic ways to demonstrate your love for globetrotting through home décor. These may be used to create a table-like space, which will be both practical and charming at the same time.



They will provide a little solution to your storage issue as well and you may carefully hide in them your bulky winter wares that often consume too much cupboard space.


2. Vintage shelves



A vintage shelf is another perfect addition if you want to have a feel of rustic-chic décor. You can showcase a few unique souvenirs that you may have picked up throughout your travels.




3. Vintage Map Canvas



Maps will do a world of good to express your nomadic soul. But, rather than just pinning a map to a board, you may opt for innovative ideas such as making a set of map canvases. For example, a nine-paneled map of London, fitted in gold-colored frames on the wall of your seating space will add to the overall charm and elegance. Alternately, you may decorate a wall of your kids’ room with an oversized map. The little ones will also be inspired, thus, to dream big in future. You may also suspend a world map behind one of your glass panels to showcase your travel spirit.


4. Collection of globes



A globe (or a collection of globes) can make a striking decorative pair on top of a bookshelf. Grouping of different-looking globes can have more impact than those scattered ones. Globe, whether they are travel collectibles or antique pieces, can showcase your love for discovery or your passion for exploration. If you want to add more innovative decor, you can turn an oversized globe with a stand into a mini-bar too.


5. Polaroid photographs



Polaroid photographs can provide you that much-needed vintage feel. Also, you do not have to sacrifice your better-quality photographs to infuse this retro look.


You can make use of Polaroid photo papers and hang your photos in unique ways (hooks, LED string lights, hanging photo organizers can be some of the options). Also, you can use separate rooms to hang photographs from separate continents.


6. Display your postcards



You can hang the postcards you have collected from different cities you have traveled, by using decorative photo-hanging kits. Postcards are lightweight and you can carry them in plenty on your return luggage. Believe me, they will make fantastic displays.


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Whether you have traveled on numerous occasions or you just have a wish list of dream destinations somewhere deep inside your mind, there are plenty of ways to express your love affair with travel through innovative ideas in home décor. Just call the interior decorator inside you and infuse these ideas while decorating your house.



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