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Why do people travel?

In the monotony of the daily hubbub of one’s 9 to 5 parades, travelling is that breath of fresh air which welcomes people with experiences that no corporate projects can give, knowledge which no book can provide and memories that can be cherished for a lifetime… People fed up of this monotony break out from their shells and develop an urge to travel. That travel could be for a couple of days or for a deeply planned and longer duration; or perhaps for the tan that they were longing for! Every individual has their own reasons to venture out and explore; reasons that can be personal or professional or even life changing events that have left them emotionally affected. After being a travelling enthusiast myself for a couple of years now, I believe I can list the following main reason as to why people choose to travel.

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Songkran Festival April 13th Through April 15th 2018, Thailand’s Water Festival

Sawasdee Pi Mai, those words you will hear often with your water-gun in hand, and soaked from head to toe. Perfect strangers walk by with loving Thai smiles, and smear perfumed and water soaked powder across your cheeks. There are many levels of these hundreds of years-old traditions; as times have changed so have the generations. In modern day Thailand this has become one of the world’s biggest water-fights. No aggression here, leave it at home. Showing aggressive behavior in Thailand is a sign of mental instability, and smiling from ear to ear will most certainly earn you respect.

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